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Elliott Data Systems, Inc. is the mobile solutions identification and accountability systems developer and integrator with expertise in deploying mobile security, positive ID, and accountability tracking and management solutions. With a flexible, easy-to-use software interface, durable turn-key hardware solutions, and excellent user training, employees can work quickly and efficiently, resulting in improved utilization of personnel and excellent on-site safety.

Mobile Solutions® extensive reports on personnel, assets, and activity allow this comprehensive solution to come full circle and perform as a complete accountability solution offering.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile ID is an integrated software solution that lets you manage personnel data and print secure ID cards. A Mobile ID system consists of two essential components – a Client and a Server. Each of these components has specific functionality that supports different user abilities. These systems can be configured depending on the organization's requirements.

Users can manage personnel records from an online Mobile ID web application or a Mobile ID client-based traditional software solution that includes the ability to work with an ID printing system to print secure color photo ID cards.

The Mobile Solutions® software suite is designed to perform:

Personnel Data Management

Enroll personnel by creating a centralized database where authorized members of your organization can access information. With a simple scan of a driver's license, you can capture information and enter additional pertinent data.

Identify, authenticate, track, and report on all personnel or visitors with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers and guests.

Event Management

Scan attendees in and out of events. Utilize check-in/check-out time stamps to determine where people are. Monitor activity and event data to better manage assignments at any given time. Connect handhelds wirelessly at event checkpoints or upload data manually with a single click.

Asset Tracking

Organize and track assets such as equipment, electronics, supplies, vehicles, etc. With the Asset Manager software, you can label any item with a barcode and assign it to any group, department, or agency. By using Asset tracking, you can view inventory details and generate reports detailing which team members have used or are currently using an asset.

As a standalone solution or as part of a more robust system, these modules can be integrated with hardware.

Elliott's Tracking and Accountability System

Elliott Data Systems assists businesses in tracking and managing people, parts, products, lines, and equipment. Among the tracking features are the ability to track activities, assign assets, view history, and print reports. Managing daily activities, special events, and crises can be more accessible with an accountability and tracking system for corporations, schools, government agencies, and other organizations.

Elliott Data Systems offers a wide array of software and hardware solutions to meet organizations' unique tracking and accountability needs, including employee time clocks and inventory management systems. Elliott Data Systems' tracking system is a scalable solution that can be quickly deployed to support any organization, from a small business with a few employees to a large enterprise with thousands of personnel needing to be held accountable.

The organizational success of any company depends on the management of its operating personnel. Accountability plays a key role in organizational effectiveness as it provides adequate resources for incident management. Over-reliance on traditional systems can leave large gaps in situational awareness and hinder an organization's ability to make well-informed decisions. Elliott's Accountability Management System can allow your organization to monitor, manage, and report on employee accountability data in near real-time. To learn more about this comprehensive solution, call us at 1-888-345-8511 or contact us via this online form.


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