What does Puppy, Monkey, Baby have to do with Identity...

I guess I need to let work go a little more, but when I saw the hilarious “puppy, monkey, baby” super bowl commercial, I thought of all the opportunities presented by a “one card” ID solution.


The complexities of combining many applications into a one card system can be intimidating, but it’s actually much less scary than the puppy monkey baby. Here at Elliott, we work hard to make sure our customers get the most from their investment in ID technologies, and one easy way to do that is to leverage one system for many applications. Laying applications on your ID credential such as visual ID, physical access control, logical access control for networks and applications, tracing, attendance and cashless vending is a great way to maximize your investment without making a monster out of your ID program. Let us show you how we can make one card solutions much less scary.


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