Organization Type:

A University located in Missouri


Needed to badge students at main campus and o-site locations. ID cards needed to be a color photo ID with the ability to scan students to track community service hours.


  • A complete Identity Badging System: used to issue ID cards at the main campus during enrollment and as needed throughout the school year.

  • A Mobile Badging Unit: used to easily transported and issue ID cards at o-site locations.

  • EPIC Track Software: used to track students via checkin/out at events.

  • 4 Handheld Devices: used to scan and track at specic locations.

  • Supplies & Accessories: ID card stock preprinted with school background image. Student information, along with a barcode tied to the student ID # was printed instantly at the time of card issuance.

  • Software Maintenance Agreement: full remote priority support of technical sta, software version updates, etc.

  • Preventative Maintenance Agreement: complete priority technical support (on- & o-site), regularly scheduled maintenance service on hardware, etc.


The university was able to print quality color ID cards, track student student activity, and issue ID cards at all locations