Organization Type:

A Missouri based Bank with multiple branches throughout the St. Louis area.


This bank utilized a card bureau to handle the delivery of their debit cards after an account was opened or when replacement cards needed to be issued. The process typically had a 7-10 business days delay to place the debit card in the customer's hands which lead to customer frustration and loss of revenue for the bank.


The bank’s Vice President of Products & Services worked with Elliott Data Systems to design and implement an instant issuance solution in order to expedite the card issuance process.

The system comprised of:

  • Card Wizard Instant Issuance Software: used to design FII cards and link to customer database.

  • CR500 Card Printer: prints cards instantly in each branch location and is issued to customers for immediate use.


The bank's front-line sta will have the ability to order a card, allow the customer to select their own secure PIN, choose a personalized debit card design and within minutes, walk out of the branch with an activated card.
Not only will instant issuance improve customer service, but it will allow the bank to reduce their card issuance costs compared to the traditional process of using a card bureau. They can expect an increase in interchangeable revenue as a result of the cardholder holder leaving the branch with an activated card. This FII solution also leaves room for future growth by allowing for issuance of EMV debit cards.