Organization Type:

A Missouri Emergency Management Agency 


This agency had an ID system in place that experienced numerous printer issues. The Emergency Management Director had a desire to not only print ID badges but to verify rst responders, volunteers and other responders on-site at an incident scene.


The agency worked with Elliott Data Systems to implement a Mobile Solutions identication and accountability solution. This integrated system, allowed the agency to enroll and manage personnel, print ID badges, track personnel onsite during an exercise or live incident, track and manage assets as well as medication dispensing during propholaxis events.

The system comprised of:

  • CD800 Duplex Printer: prints ID cards instantly on-site.

  • Mobile ID Web: enroll personnel and manage data using a centralized database from anywhere using an online login.

  • Emergency Event Manager: tracks rst responders and volunteer activity on-site during an emergency event.

  • Mobile Command Case: an integrated, turn-key mobile unit used to transport and opperate the Mobile Solutions system.

  • Asset Manager: software used to track and manage assets.

  • Elliott Clinic Manager: tracks and manages a propholaxis event from the time recipients are enrolled - medication & supply dispensing - to the time they exit the event.


The solution has allowed the EMA oce to electronically capture more in-depth demographic data that is essential in verifying and accounting for rst responders throughout the county. The Emergency Event Manager solution will automate the the process for capturing important incident specic information in order to seek reimbusement dollars during and after an incident.