With so many people coming in and out of healthcare facilities, specific areas requiring secure access, and the need for patient privacy and security, many healthcare organizations rely on the kind of identification and accountability tools offered by Elliott Data Systems, Inc. Whatever your needs and goals entail, our experts can help you build an effective ID card system that can support identity programs that range from very basic to more complex.

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COVUD-1 9 Test Station Management

Mobile Solutions® provides an automated identification, reg-istration, and tracking solution - perfect for quick, efficient and accurate on-site testing. Identify attendees as they are parked in line and quickly process each person as they are tested for COVID-19.
Using the Mobile Solutions Cart, quickly collect attendee ID data, issue an ID label with a QR, and register them into the event.
As they arrive at the test station, administrators scan their ID label to check them into the testing area, perform testing and scan the test kit assigned to them. With Mobile Solutions, your team can efficiently identify, track, and manage long lines of patients at any location. Learn More


  • Issue Secure ID Badges

  • Identify & Track Visitors

  • Control Facility Access

  • Track Time & Attendance

  • Parking Access

  • Medication Administration

  • Manage Personnel Data Records

  • Track Assets with Check In/Out

  • Track & Manage Vaccination Events

  • Track Continuing Education Credits

  • Cafeteria Account Management

  • And Much More....

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