Organization Type:

An Illinois based child welfare and family services Institution


This agency had been using a proprietary access control system of which they struggled to get consistent support.


The agency worked with Elliott Data Systems to implement a solution that integrated photo ID software with an access control system used to manage headquarters and 4 remote locations. This new solution used non-proprietary components that lowered the cost of their access control credentials.

The system comprised of:

  • BadgePass Identity Manager: used to design ID cards and enroll users.

  • CD800 Duplex Printer: prints ID cards instantly on-site.

  • BadgePass Access Manager: access control software that creates and manages assignments of credentials and access privileges for users.

  • Allegion Multi-Technology Readers: provides keyless entry using ID cards at each door.


This system will lower operating costs, provide greater data management among multiple locations and will have dependable support to draw on when required through Elliott’s technical support team.