Visitor Management

A major part of your organization's security is keeping track of who comes in and out of its facilities. Traditional paper-based visitor management systems are often bulky, inefficient, non-secure, slow to update, and difficult or impossible to search.

With electronic visitor management solutions, you automatically collect, manage, store, track, report on, and archive all incoming and outgoing visitors with one unified access system. Eliminate the hassle of paper sign-in sheets and streamline your check-in process by using a facilities management solution with a comprehensive database of information that provides instant access and fast reporting. Provide job candidates, guests, contractors, and customers with an easy way to verify their identity before entering your facility.

BadgePass Visitor Manager

Elliot's visitor management solution was designed to make it easier to register, screen, and track visitors at your facility. The visitor receives a temporary ID card that allows them to have a seamless experience from start to finish. For visitors to gain access to a building, they can simply swipe their badge through the reader.

With BadgePass Visitor Manager, visitors are identified and logged, and the operator can print visitor badges with a simple three-step process.

  1. Visitors and guests present valid ID upon arrival at an entrance (ex; driver's license, military ID, credit card, or other ID).
  2. The operator launches a visitor screening application to enable guests to read and accept its terms and conditions.
  3. Once the visitor has accepted the terms, they can proceed with the sign-in process, where there are given a temporary badge to wear for the duration of their visit.

BadgePass Visitor Manager Key Features:

  • Monitor all facility visitors in real-time and receive instant notifications about their movements.
  • Print or forward a list of visitors in the building.
  • Conduct automatic background checks against the National Sex Offender Registry and other national databases.
  • Have access control over who is allowed on the premises and which facilities they can enter.
  • Notify relevant personnel when visitors arrive.
  • Easy web-based reporting.
  • Customized badge designs with different capture devices and printers.

BadgePass visitor management system allows you to complete visitor registration within seconds after the guests arrive. You can also store visitor history, including images and electronic documents, to access any reports whenever necessary.

BadgePass SmartReg

The BadgePass SmartReg is an automated enrollment system that populates the customer/employee/visitor information with a simple card swipe. SmartReg offers built-in support for cards such as Driver's Licenses, Credit Cards, Military IDs, and the Foreign Workers Identification Cards.

SmartReg allows you to save time and money by minimizing the time it takes to enter visitor information and reducing manual data entry errors.

More Than Just a Visitor Manager

BadgePass Visitor Manager is part of our fully integrated credential management system, bringing extra value and security benefits to your organization. You can incorporate visitor management software with an access control system that allows for secure access to restricted areas of your facility.

Our products give organizations more flexibility, control, data security, visibility into how visitors are treated, and the ability to automate processes. These features help improve organizational efficiency and business operations while saving money and increasing productivity.

No more running around to retrieve lost or stolen badges. The automatic activation and deactivation of visitor access make it even faster and simpler for you to monitor visitor movements and guests' access. Your visitors will feel welcome at your facilities and can enjoy stress-free visits – no matter what type of facility you have.

With BadgePass, you receive all the features and benefits of an effective visitor management solution in order to manage all cardholder activity and privileges while offering new functionality to take care of complex tasks without additional staffing costs.

Contact us today or call at 1-888-345-8511 to learn how we can help improve your visitor experience and boost operational efficiencies with our visitor management applications. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and help you decide if the BadgePass solution fit your needs.

With BadgePass Visitor Manager, visitors are identified, logged and visitor badges are printed with a simple three step process.


Populate your enrollment system with customer/employee/visitor information
using just a simple swipe of a driver's license.



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