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About Elliott Data Systems, Inc.

Elliott Data Systems, Inc. is the Mobile Solutions developer and integrator with expertise in the deployment of mobile security, positive identification and accountability solutions. Elliott is headquartered in the Midwest and has multiple partners located across the United States who are certified to sell and support Elliott’s Mobile Solutions. Elliott’s staff includes Solution Representatives, Software Engineers, and Certified Technicians who are available to provide the professional services needed to configure and integrate a Mobile Solutions system and provide the training and technical support desired by the customer.


Elliott’s Commitment to Our Customers

Elliott is committed to providing it’s customers the highest level of quality products, complete solutions, and exceptional service and support. We pride ourselves on the ability to develop The Right Solution for our customers instead of a One Size Fits All approach that leaves the customer having to accommodate the solution instead of the solution accommodating the customer. Our Solution Representatives learn what the goals and needs of your organization are and then help you build the Mobile Solutions System that will deliver success. Elliott has complete confidence in the ISG dealerships they partner with and guarantee the customer will receive the same level of service and support that Elliott would provide.


A National Network of Support

Elliott has an extensive presence throughout the United States in part due to the expansion of expertise through their Certified Solution Providers. This group of professionals have dedicated their organizations to being committed to support Elliott’s Mobile Solutions by participating in a rigorous certification training program making them qualified to sell and support any of the Mobile Solutions offered by Elliott. The Certified Solution Providers community is growing everyday making the Mobile Solutions presence stronger and better supported.

Elliott is a member of the Identification Systems Group (ISG) and has many business partners through this organization who support the Mobile Solutions product line. Mobile Solutions is supported by the ISG and may be displayed at an ISG booth at trade shows and on their website.


Identification Systems Group (ISG)

Identification Systems Group (ISG)Identification Systems Group (ISG) is a nationwide network of local experts in identification, security, and card personalization, providing high quality, cost effective solutions backed by local support and the strength of our Professional Services Certification program. Each company works together to provide seamless nationwide support and collaboration in the identification and card issuance industry. We are an association of regional companies, each the market leader in its respective geographic area.



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