Public Health

Mobile Solutions® creates a complete, integrated solution for Public Health Organizations that can be tailored to provide identification and accountability management using a streamlined, automated workflow, our solutions deliver improved through-put and effective management of POD medication and supplies dispensing during prophylaxis events and routine activity. From the time the public registers online or at a POD location to when they exit the event with their medication, test kits and supplies in hand, Mobile Solutions® will have a detailed record of who was serviced, verification of goods received, and a time stamp throughout the recipients’ visit.

Patient Online or On-site Enrollment

Process recipients with speed and efficiency using online patient enrollment and/or on-site self enrollment kiosks. Reduce long lines and accurately gather large numbers of recipient data up front.

Medical Questionnaire Processing

Recipients fill out demographic and medical questionnaire data which generates a voucher with recommended medication prescription based on the information entered.

Medication Supply & Dispensing

Once data is reviewed and prescription verified by staff, medication is scanned and distributed to recipients by scanning the voucher and medication to track activity and avoid duplicate dispensing.

POD Management

Manage medication stored and dispensed from the POD location by tracking by lot #, NDC#, unique ID and expiration date.

Recipient Tracking

Track recipients as they enter a POD location, receive medication and supplies and exit the event with a time stamp provided with a scan of their voucher at each activity.

Generate Reports

At any time public health administrators may view the status of an event and generate reports on all event activity.

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