Emergency Event Manager

Enroll personnel by creating personal records in a centralized database that can be shared with other groups throughout your organization. Capture data with a simple scan of a driver's license and enter additional pertinent information.
Use EEMS to create assignments for Emergency First Responders and Volunteers based on their Certifications and specialties to ensure their effectiveness implementing the task given.
Scan First Responders and Volunteers moving in and out of checkpoints throughout the emergency incident scene. Know who's in each division and get a time stamp of their check in/out activity.
View event data and monitor activity to better manage personnel assignments onsite during an event. Sync data from handhelds at checkpoints wirelessly or manually upload with the click of a button.
Reports can be generated on all data captured on personnel and event activity during or after an emergency event. These reports make auditing and grant reimbursement processes much easier and more accurate than using a manual process.

Product Solution

Emergency Event Manager (EEMS) is an accountability solution that enables Emergency Management Agencies to track First Responders and manage an emergency incident scene on-site electronically. EEMS automates the process of tracking an incident by electronically capturing data as first responders and volunteers move in and out of divisions, create assignments, time stamp all activity, have access to crucial personnel information including certifications and specialties and issue secure FIPS 201 color IDs.

Command Centers can be setup and operational within minutes of arriving on scene using EEMS. First Responders and Volunteers can be badged, issued assignments and begin setting up checkpoints quickly and efficiently. Electronically capturing data during the event allows the EOC and Command Center on-site to view event data during or after an event. This automated process makes performing audits and grant reimbursement requests easy and more accurate than manual processes.

Emergency Event Manager


  • Instantly issue positive IDs anywhere.
  • Track & manage personnel & volunteer data.
  • An interoperable system allowing other dept/organization credentials to be integrated at an event.
  • Tells you who’s on-site and who’s not on-site.
  • Integrates with FIPS 201.
  • An affordable solution for departments large & small.
  • Integration of PIV solutions.
  • Generate accurate reports quickly for federal reimbursement.
  • Choose from multiple card designs & print IDs.
  • Ability to work online & offline.

Emergency Event Manager for EMAs Overview

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