Mobile Badging Unit

Transport Mobile Badging Unit
Transport the Mobile Badging Unit to any location using its built-in wheels and lift handle.
Place the Mobile Badging Unit near an electrical outlet, open up the lid, plug in and press the power button to begin. Within minutes, you can enroll and begin printing.
Mobile Badging Unit Secure Login
Type in your secure login to gain access to the system and begin badging using the ID software, badging system accessories and integrated ID card printer.
Personnel Data Management
Personnel data accessed and managed through Mobile ID is stored in a centralized database that can be either locally or cloud hosted and shared with a network of authorized administrators throughout your organization.

Product Solution

A Mobile Badging Unit is a fully integrated, turn-key solution packaged as a compact, self-contained workstation. It includes everything you need to photograph, identify and print ID cards immediately on-site. Designed to be quickly transported and setup with little to no preparation. This solution is available in standard and mini sizes.

Mobile Badging Unit


  • Available as a standard or mini unit.
  • Issue secure IDs instantly on-site.
  • Use one unit to create IDs at multiple locations on-site.
  • Quickly capture data from a driver’s license or state issued ID to produce temporary or permanent IDs.
  • Print high quality color IDs.
  • Its turn-key solution makes setup quick and easy.
  • A fully integrated system that requires no assembly.

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