EPIC Track

Effectively track people, places & things using EPIC Track software from your PC, tablet, smartphone, or handheld device. It's basic tracking features & flexibility to customize each tracking event makes EPIC Track very adaptable to any organization.
Users can easily configure tracking events within EPIC Track software with no custom programming or advanced computer skills required.
EPIC Track's user friendly interface has the option to give users access to features they need while hiding access to those they don't.
Build lists or connect to existing databases containing people, places and things you want to track.
Check real time status of activities in your event from anywhere. Administrators can login and view event activity from any PC or mobile device with internet access.
Choose from a selection of reports dynamically built from each event tracking profile to review and analyze data during or after an event.

Product Solution

EPIC Track is a basic tracking solution that can be used to track people, places and things for daily use or during special events. The software provides a time stamp during check in and out by scanning a person’s barcode ID, an asset barcode tag or selects from a drop down list of data such as locations.

EPIC Track is very flexible with it’s ability to track using a smartphone, adapt to any basic check in/out tracking scenario, and perform on or off-line making it easy to use in any location.

EPIC Track

EPICTrack Self-Enrollment (SE)

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  • Easy to deploy & train others.
  • Configure an event in minutes.
  • Access from any location – web based.
  • Supports Apple, Android & Windows platforms.
  • Works on-line or off-line.
  • User your data with Data Connector.
  • Real time status checks.
  • Dynamic reports included.
  • Flexible solution allows for creative freedom.

EPIC Track App Overview

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