Asset Manager

Identify and track any item from small electronics or expensive tools, to large vehicles and machinery. Track items by department, grant and purchase date.
Assign assets to personnel by selecting or scanning a person's ID barcode along with the item's barcode to assign accountability.
Simply scan an item's barcode to check an asset in or out while recording a time stamp with every transaction.
Check asset inventory levels at any time and from any location with internet access. Schedule and track maintenance on vehicles and equipment. Manage permanent or disposable assets.
Build one centralized database of assets to share among multiple departments, locations or group. Manage asset data from any location with internet access using Asset Manager's Web Application.

Product Solution

Asset Manager software identifies and tracks assets of all types and sizes by scanning barcode item tags and assigning items to a person or group. Asset Manager software provides detailed asset data management that includes assignments, inventory management, maintenance alerts, activity reports, and much more.

Organizations can have a network of administrators from multiple locations manage asset data using the online Asset Manager web application or an Asset Manager client based traditional software solution that includes the ability to work with an ID printing system to print asset barcode tags. Asset Data is managed through a centralized database ensuring admin have current data at all times.

Asset Manager is a stand alone product but can be integrated with other Mobile Solutions Core and Companion products to build a more comprehensive system.

Asset Manager


  • Label assets with barcoded asset tags.
  • Assign assets to people.
  • Share collected asset data with other authorized remote departments/divisions.
  • Associate assets using a parent/child relationship.
  • Attach documents to assets & meet the needs of NFPA 1851.
  • Link documents to assets such as POs & Invoices.
  • Schedule & track maintenance on vehicles & equipment.
  • Track items by department, grant & purchase date.
  • NIMS resource typing available.
  • NIMS form pdfs are available for federal reimbursements.
  • Manage grants.

Asset Manager Overview

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