EPIC Track is Available for Asset Issuance

Have a High Volume of Tech Ready to Issue to Students?

Want to Track Asset Checkout Data Instantly Using Multiple Administrators?

EPIC Track is the Answer.

School Administrators can issue hotspots, tablets, instruments, laptops, or other school assets to in-class and virtual students within minutes using the EPIC Track automated App from their smartphone, tablet or other handheld device. Simply scan the student ID or choose a name from a drop-down list, assign an asset to them by scanning the item barcode, and click the check-in button. It’s that easy! Once the student has been assigned items, the EPIC Track software has a time stamped record of the student’s name &/or student number and all of the items they have been assigned.

EPIC Track setup and user training is easy making it feasible to implement this very user-friendly tracking solution across school districts within days. Connect to the SIS to upload a student database and add new additions at any time using real updates to/from every administrators’ mobile device or PC workstation using EPIC Track across the school/district.

temp-post-imageEPIC Track is a simple, easy to use application for asset tracking that provides schools the ability to easily manage an asset check in/out process to students and staff. Learn More:

Elliott Mobile Solutions also offers a more comprehensive Asset Manager solution that performs more long-term asset management during the life-cycle of each item. Contact Elliot or a local Mobile Solutions dealer for more information. Our team of professionals are ready to assist schools preparing for the start of their school year! 1-888-345-8511 or www.elliottmobilesolutions.com