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Role of EPIC Track in Tracking Student Activity to Increase Security Across Campus

“The most secure campuses aren’t those patrolled by numerous guards alone, but the ones that include an integrated security system that includes EPIC Track.” The main goal of education is […]

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Unlocking Operational Excellence with EPIC Track in Access Control

With the advent of technology in business security, the digital landscapes within an organization are ever-expanding. While it offers several advantages, such as streamlining access, many organizations still find themselves […]

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Maximizing Organizational Security with Integrated Identity and Accountability Solutions

As someone who leads an organization, you know complexity often leads to inefficiency, and security is no exception. Modern-day businesses often grapple with a myriad of challenges that compromise the […]

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Breaking Down Silos: How Mobile Integrated Identity Solutions Transform Organizational Efficiency

It’s no secret that tight security is the backbone of driving any business forward. It empowers organizations to make impactful improvements in efficiency, streamline processes, and unlock new revenue streams. […]

New EPIC Track App Features Support New Opportunities for Event/Asset Check-In/Out Application

EPIC Track App users are tracking more events throughout their organizations, schools, universities, etc. than ever before! New features such as count thresholds with time frame limitations, event counts by […]

Register Vaccine Recipients Onsite While Gathering Data & Tracking Issuance in Seconds

Watch this recorded demonstration displaying how quick and easy it is to register people onsite and track vaccine issuance using Mobile ID Spot. Elliott Mobile Solutions® representative Randy Lay, will […]

If You’ve Ever Been in a Chick-fil-a Drive-Thru, You’ll Understand How Mobile Solutions® Onsite Registration for Vaccine Issuance Tracking Works

There is a reason why Chick-fil-a restaurants manage multiple lines of traffic through their drive-thru and issue meals in a relatively quick amount of time – teams of mobile registration. […]

Mobile Solutions® v8.1 Release

The recent release of Mobile Solutions software v8.1 has brought greater efficiency and additional data management updates. Mobile Solutions® v8.1 Software Updates Efficiency Updates to the Personnel Pages Added Medications […]

EPIC Track is Available for Asset Issuance

Have a High Volume of Tech Ready to Issue to Students? Want to Track Asset Checkout Data Instantly Using Multiple Administrators? EPIC Track is the Answer. School Administrators can issue […]

Manage School Admittance Using EPIC Track

EPIC Track is the perfect solution for K-12 School districts to use when managing new school learning atmospheres during the Coronavirus pandemic. Identify and record a student’s temperature using the […]