If You’ve Ever Been in a Chick-fil-a Drive-Thru, You’ll Understand How Mobile Solutions® Onsite Registration for Vaccine Issuance Tracking Works


There is a reason why Chick-fil-a restaurants manage multiple lines of traffic through their drive-thru and issue meals in a relatively quick amount of time – teams of mobile registration. This strategy does not wait for people to get to the head of the line, they come to you and capture your information and order quickly and efficiently using mobile devices and a team of staff. Customers aren’t frustrated by long lines because they submit their order to the attendant while they are waiting, and the line keeps moving. It is not rocket science, it is efficient event management and its exactly how Elliott’s Mobile Solutions® for Mobile Registration & Vaccine Issuance Tracking works.

Using Mobile Solutions® onsite mobile registration & vaccine issuance tracking solution, long lines of people or cars can be processed quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly by simply using a handheld scanner and mobile printer attached at the waist. If you would like to collect additional data such as ethnicity, tier categories, email address, etc. you use a smartphone app. The process is simple:
1. Collect Data in Seconds = Teams of administrators go from person to person or car to car to scan a driver’s license or other state issued ID to collect recipient data.

For advanced data collection, choose from a series of drop-down lists (ethnicity, Tier categories, etc) or input data such as email address.

2. Select Vaccine & Label Qty = Using a small handheld scanner, scan the vaccine QR barcode & label quantity barcode to choose the number of labels to print immediately.

3. Print Vaccine Labels = Using a small mobile printer attached at your waste, print labels that display the recipient data, the vaccine dosage, date administered and QR barcode.

For advanced event management, administrators can scan the label using the Mobile Solutions app to check the recipient in and out of the vaccine issuance station to verify the vaccine has been administered.

4. Adhere Labels to Forms = Place a label on CDC card and any other form used to document vaccine issuance by the organizers.

This process identifies, registers and can track the entire vaccine issuance event from start to finish.
The registration process takes seconds, gathers complete data on the recipient & vaccine, is mobile – allowing staff to move through the line while supporting traffic flow, and utilizes wireless data connections (WiFi, cellular, local WiFi, or network connection) allowing data collected in line to sync with tracking at the vaccination station. Organizers can implement basic stand-alone mobile registration with Mobile ID Spot, include basic event tracking and greater data collection by including the EPIC Track® App, or perform more comprehensive event management using the Mobile Solutions® App. Track as much or as little as your organization requires for auditing and accountability purposes.

Mobile Solutions® is a line of mobile security, positive identification and accountability solutions that is available nationwide and locally supported by a network of certified dealers across the country. Contact Randy Lay to learn more about mobile registration and event tracking Mobile Solutions® 618.530.1333 rlay@www.elliottdata.com www.elliottmobilesolutions.com