New EPIC Track App Features Support New Opportunities for Event/Asset Check-In/Out Application

EPIC Track App users are tracking more events throughout their organizations, schools,
universities, etc. than ever before! New features such as count thresholds with time frame
limitations, event counts by location, and count down tracking have expanded application
opportunities and eliminated manual tracking processes.

St. Louis, MO May 23, 2021 – Elliott Data Systems, Inc., an expert in the development and
integration of the Mobile SolutionsTM line of identification, accountability, and tracking solutions,
released version 2.2.8 of EPIC Track software today. EPIC Track is a universal tracking solution
that performs simple check-in and check-out of any kind of routine or special event. Tracking may
be performed using the EPIC Track Mobile Web and/or EPIC Track App on a smartphone or
handheld device from any location. The EPIC Track Cloud Server provides the backbone of the
solution, allowing for easy deployments with no special server infrastructure required for the site and
reporting accessibility from virtually anywhere.

New features offered in version 2.2.8 include four new types of event tracking – Count Threshold, Count Down, Event Count, and a new Sub-List feature within the pre-existing Attendance Check-In/Out event tracking option – all with instant data capture and alerts synchronized among multiple checkpoints. Each new feature supports new applications of event tracking within schools, corporations, and other types of organizations that foster greater accountability within their operations. Read more to learn about each new feature…