Role of EPIC Track in Tracking Student Activity to Increase Security Across Campus

“The most secure campuses aren’t those patrolled by numerous guards alone, but the ones that include an integrated security system that includes EPIC Track.”

The main goal of education is to prepare students for the future, which makes it a key part of our society.  Ensuring students and teachers have a safe environment to learn is extremely important for them to be successful.

While campus security is a longstanding concern, the approach to it has radically transformed in recent decades. Today’s educational institutions increasingly turn to digital security solutions to navigate their unique safety challenges. This is where EPIC Track comes into play.

In this article, we will bring awareness to the role of the EPIC Track system of aiding school administration and security in monitoring student/faculty routine activity and special event attendance on campus to maintain 360-degrees of security.

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The Challenges of Managing Student Activity and Event Tracking on Campus

A typical day on campus involves situations like students accessing various buildings using their ID cards, attending communal spaces or lectures, working late in isolated areas of the library or labs, and using campus transportation systems.

When there is a lot of buzz all around, managing student activity becomes daunting, especially for campuses that still rely on old-school security methods. Let’s have a detailed look at some of these challenges:

Modern Security Threats are Beyond the Capabilities of Conventional IDs

Traditional ID cards, though a staple in day-to-day campus life, struggle to keep pace with the sheer volume of students and the intricate web of diverse activities. Their limitations become evident as campuses grow, hindering the ability to efficiently manage attendance and access control. 

The challenge lies in their inability to provide a robust foundation for comprehensive security measures. With conventional IDs, the risk of incomplete or inaccurate tracking increases, creating gaps in overall security protocols.

A Bigger Institution Requires a Robust System Integration

The expansive nature of campuses presents a logistical hurdle in employing multiple systems seamlessly to monitor security. The challenge stretches beyond the notable physical size to the complexities of integrating various security solutions.

Coordinating these systems across large spaces demands strategic planning and technological synchronization. Additionally, it becomes difficult to ensure all components work in harmony to create a unified and effective security infrastructure.

Comprehensive Security is the Need of the Hour

The plain ID cards are notorious for exposing the institutions to potential security risks. Therefore, the evolving landscape of threats requires a more sophisticated approach that traditional ID systems struggle to provide.

Maintaining security across the campus means addressing vulnerabilities, which is an evident challenge most educational institutions struggle to cope with.

Limited Visibility, Heightened Risk

Keeping security intact requires tracking every student activity within the campus because limited insights into these activities pose security risks. Many educational institutions agree that several challenges arise in identifying and responding promptly to security concerns without compromising student privacy. 

The reputation of your campus depends on how safe the students and the employees feel. That’s why it is vital to invest in a holistic security program by incorporating a solution like EPIC Track that helps you record every student’s activity seamlessly and can monitor and manage collected data from anywhere – smartphones, tablets, and PC workstations, with data being shared securely in real time via the cloud. 

What is EPIC Track?

event tracking system

EPIC Track is a specialized tracking solution that contributes to the security of an institution by  captures and automates the process of attendance check-in/out on campus. The software takes the guesswork out of tracking campus events and helps the staff keep things organized digitally, which ensures everyone feels safe and secure. School Administrators and Security personnel have access to data showing which buildings, events, rooms, etc students &/or staff are located in at any given time. This data can be used in times of emergency response or in an effort to better analyze activity on campus.

Here are some exclusive features that make EPIC Track indispensable for every campus and educational institution. 

  • Easy to deploy and train your security team.
  • Lets you configure events within minutes. 
  • Anywhere access via the web interface. 
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Effortless data integration with data connector to stay connected.
  • Robust reporting for insightful analytics. 

EPIC Track is an event tracking app designed to allow educational institutions the ability to track student activity in real time anywhere across campus. Tracking student activity anywhere on campus can contribute significantly to campus security by providing personnel the knowledge of student locations in real time while participating in events such as classes, athletic games, lab hours, copy center, entertainment outlets, library access, etc. For more details, call us at 1-888-345-8511 and learn how EPIC Track can be your ultimate security partner. 

Elevating Security: EPIC Track’s Role in Keeping Campuses Safe

According to a recent survey by Insider Higher Ed, half of the college students who participated in the survey reported feeling unsafe on campus at some point. On the contrary, college students are six times more likely to say they feel safe within the institution when there is a robust security system in place.

Well, this explains why having a tracking system is imperative to make your students have a great deal of trust in your campus’s security. 

EPIC Track has emerged as a game-changer, offering a simple tracking solution that produces powerful results by actively contributing to creating a secure environment through the power of site accountability. Being able to account for the whereabouts of each student active on campus in real time can contribute significantly during a campus emergency.

Here are the roles of EPIC Track in tracking student activity and streamlining day-to-day operations.

Event Attendance Management

EPIC Track revolutionizes event management by seamlessly checking students in and out of routine or special events. Utilizing QR barcode and RFID technology card card scanning or identifying a person from an uploaded database of students and staff, the system records attendance data with precision. 

The system also records the headcounts accurately and provides real-time insights for event organizers and security staff, contributing to a secure and well-managed environment that adheres to building code requirements.

Enhances Controlled Access to Facilities

Digital access control is a pivotal aspect of campus security, but EPIC Track takes access control a step further by collecting and managing data access control systems do not. While the access control system locks and unlocks doors providing access to authorized users, who are granted permission by the “admin,” EPIC Track collects data of who is checking in/out, provides a time-stamp, stores that data, makes that data accessible to authorized personnel to monitor in real-time as well as generates reports on all activity entering and exiting each door. Integrating EPIC Track with your access control system, adds an extra layer of security to protect and monitor sensitive locations on campus from thefts and vandalism.

Records Timestamps for Accountability 

EPIC Track introduces accountability into the daily rhythm of campus life. With timestamp features, security staff can easily access information on who checked in, when, and where. The outstanding tracking capability bolsters security efforts and enables swift responses to any unusual activities or concerns.

Library and Equipment Borrowing

With EPIC Track, campuses can streamline resource and equipment borrowing. By storing essential information with the ability to share that data with other applications or a centralized database, the software facilitates a streamlined process for students to check out and return items securely. It enhances the efficiency of resource management and contributes to the overall security of valuable assets on campus. This could apply to electronic hardware, sports equipment, lab materials, etc.

Emergency Response Readiness

In times of emergency, every second counts. EPIC Track’s comprehensive tracking features empower security staff with immediate insights into the whereabouts of students on campus. The valuable information aids in executing a targeted emergency response to enhance the safety of the campus community. 

Visitor Management 

EPIC Track extends its security umbrella to include visitor management. By digitizing the check-in process for guests, the system improves the institute’s security by keeping a record of visitors and their activities. While it safeguards the students, it also contributes to a more controlled and secure environment.

From tracking event attendance to securing campus assets, EPIC Track plays a crucial role in keeping your institute and the people safe at all times. Its real-time monitoring capability takes campus safety to another level by minimizing the risks of security threats and breaches. 

How to Integrate EPIC Track for Campus-wide Security

Integrating EPIC Track into your campus routine is as straightforward as it gets because it’s a mobile software solution. Furthermore, the digital platform is highly user-friendly, and anyone, even without core technical knowledge can use it.

Flexible Integration

Unlike some high-maintenance systems, EPIC Track does not require any specialized equipment and is cloud hosted. It seamlessly integrates into your existing security framework using pre-existing PCs and mobile devices making the transition smoother and stress-free. 

Cross-platform Compatibility 

You can install the software on PCs (Windows and Mac), smartphones, and tablets. There is no need for complicated installations or learning new interfaces, as it is conveniently accessible from your trusted campus devices.  

Installation Made Easy

Thinking about the installation process? EPIC Track takes the complexity out of it. With an easy setup, you can have it up and running in no time. Our professionals help you with the installation and guide you through the system’s features so you can start using it right away to keep your campus secure. 

EPIC Track is more than a security solution or service; it is a hassle-free upgrade that brings accountability to your campus without the fuss. No special equipment, no headaches, just a simple and user-friendly system that makes tracking and managing student activities from most any PC workstation or mobile device a breeze. 

Transform Your Campus Security with EPIC Track

Tracking certain activities within the campus premises can eliminate most security-related risks. With EPIC Track, you get real-time tracking, which keeps your security team in the know about student and faculty activities without invading their privacy.

A simple device such as a smartphone can be used to scan the student IDs and the campus assets they are borrowing to maintain an easy-to-access track record. EPIC Track works well with access control systems, enhancing campus security and better utilizing pre-existing systems.

Take your first step by contacting us to get a virtual demo of the software. Being a full-fledged digital identification and accountability solutions company, Elliott Data Systems Mobile Solutions includes other solutions such as Asset Manager, Mobile ID, Emergency Event Manager, Mobile Badging Units, and more, depending on your campus security needs.