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Elliott’s Data Systems is dedicated to providing local service & support to the following cities and surrounding areas throughout the Midwest and Southern regions of the country. Here are just a few of the cities we support. Elliott’s financial services areas include the entire MO, TN, MS, IL & AR state territory. Contact us to ask if your location is serviced by Elliott Data Systems. 1-888-345-8511

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In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses need to put in place robust online security measures. Every day seems to bring about a new cyber attack that could affect millions of users — and the risk is particularly high for businesses that store sensitive data. In 2021, the USA saw a record high of 847,376 complaints related to cybercrime. The potential losses from these complaints exceeded $6.9 billion, emphasizing the severity of the situation. Phishing, personal data breach, and identity theft were the most commonly reported crimes.

It’s no wonder that keeping businesses safe and secure is now a major focus for most organizations. As hackers and cyber criminals become savvier – and cybercrime continues to plague even the most prepared companies – having the best security strategies in place is essential. There are several types of network security that businesses can use to protect their computer networks and ensure data loss prevention.Here at Elliott Data Systems, we specialize in both physical and digital security solutions. Our team of security experts can provide comprehensive assessment services to identify weaknesses in your current systems, as well as develop plans to mitigate those risks. We offer a wide range of physical security solutions, such as access control readers, ID cards, CCTV surveillance, and more. We also provide secure network security solutions, such as encryption services, protection of network security firewalls, and integrated software to manage identity and access.

To ensure that your business is best protected from today’s digital threats, call us now at 1-888-345-8511 to learn more about our security solutions and managed security services.

Integrated Industry Solutions from Elliott Data Systems 

Elliott Data Systems is one of the leading providers of integrated security solutions for a variety of industries. Our solutions can help protect businesses in the following industries:

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, Elliott Data Systems provides products and services that safeguard against various network traffic and security threats such as theft, fraud, cyberattacks, and prohibited entry to sensitive areas. One of the key solutions offered by Elliott Data Systems is integrated network access control systems. These systems can be designed to manage and monitor access to buildings, rooms, and areas within a facility using card readers, biometric scanners, ID cards, and/or mobile credentials. These solutions can be integrated with video surveillance systems to provide an extra layer of security.

In addition to access control systems, Elliott Data Systems also specializes in video surveillance with a wide range of surveillance cameras available, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, and PTZ cameras. These cameras can be used to monitor entrances, parking lots, production lines, and other areas of the facility. To enhance surveillance further, the video analytics software from Elliott Data Systems can be used to detect suspicious activities, generate alerts, and issue notifications.

Furthermore, Elliott’s robust network security solutions protect against cyber threats such as malware, phishing, and denial-of-service attacks. Our network security work experts can also help you set up an intrusion prevention system to detect and protect against malicious software, incoming and outgoing traffic, and unauthorized access to your computer network.

Providing End-to-End Security Solutions For Peace of Mind

As a premier, certified partner with many of the manufacturers we’ve worked with over the years, Elliott Data Systems is committed to providing high-quality, vetted solutions that have been tested by our staff and approved before being implemented in the field. From assessing and identifying weaknesses in a system to developing security policies for mitigating any risks, Elliott Data Systems provides holistic security solutions, including pre-sales consultations, design and engineering, installation, maintenance, user training, and technical support. We offer a wide variety of support options, from onsite visits to remote support.

To find out more about how Elliott Data Systems can help you secure your facility and protect your business from digital threats, please call us now at 1-888-345-8511.

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  • Blytheville, AR
  • Brinkley, AR
  • Earle, AR
  • Forrest City, AR
  • Jonesboro, AR
  • Osceola, AR
  • Paragould, AR
  • Stuttgart, AR
  • Walnut Ridge, AR
  • West Helena, AR
  • West Memphis, AR


  • Alton, IL
  • Bellevile, IL
  • Breese, IL
  • Bunker Hill, IL
  • Carbondale, IL
  • Carlinville, IL
  • Carrollton, IL
  • Du Quoin, IL
  • East Alton, IL
  • East Saint Louis, IL
  • Edwardsville, IL
  • Effingham, IL
  • Granite City, IL
  • Greenville, IL
  • Jerseyville, IL
  • Jonesboro, IL
  • Litchfield, IL
  • Macomb, IL
  • Mount Sterling, IL
  • Murphysboro, IL
  • Nashville, IL
  • Pickneyville, IL
  • Pittsfield, IL
  • Quincy, IL
  • Red Bud, IL
  • Scott Air Force Base, IL
  • Vandalia, IL
  • Waterloo, IL



  • Batesville, MS
  • Boyle, MS
  • Clarksdale, MS
  • Corinth, MS
  • Greenwood, MS
  • Grenada, MS
  • Houston, MS
  • New Albany, MS
  • Olive Branch, MS
  • Oxford, MS
  • Pontotoc, MS
  • Ripley, MS
  • Senatobia, MS
  • Southaven, MS
  • Sunflower, MS
  • Tupelo, MS
  • University, MS
  • Water Valley, MS


  • Arlington, TN
  • Brownsville, TN
  • Collierville, TN
  • Covington, TN
  • Dyersburg, TN
  • Greenfield, TN
  • Humboldt, TN
  • Huntingdon, TN
  • Jackson, TN
  • Lexington, TN
  • Martin, TN
  • Memphis, TN
  • Paris, TN
  • Selmer, TN
  • Trenton, TN
  • Union City, TN