Unlocking Operational Excellence with EPIC Track in Access Control

With the advent of technology in business security, the digital landscapes within an organization are ever-expanding. While it offers several advantages, such as streamlining access, many organizations still find themselves at the crossroads of security, efficiency, and site accountability.

The challenge lies in managing access control without a clear picture of the activity going on at each door due to a lack of data collection, the inability to completely monitor activity, and lack of easy access to reports for data analysis. Integrating access control operations to include data capture of the events taking place in and out of each door in real-time, assists organizations in identifying operational inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and provides significantly stronger site accountability with data available at their fingertips at all times. As organizations grow, this challenge of managing access with limited information thrives, and becomes a daunting threat to security, operational efficiency, and site accountability. 

However, EPIC Track has emerged as the well-suited tool to fill the site accountability hole left by many access control systems, allowing businesses to achieve operational excellence through more comprehensive access control. In this article, we will walk you through the common problems businesses face with traditional access control and how EPIC Track can help solve them.

Did You Know?

Nearly one out of four businesses struggle to attain optimal operational excellence due to poor site accountability. Furthermore, sustaining operational excellence is one of the biggest pitfalls for achieving business success, according to a detailed report by BTOES. 

Understanding Operational Excellence: Why Should You Care About It?

Operational excellence is a strategic management approach that focuses on optimizing and improving organizational processes to enhance efficiency, reduce wastage of resources, and streamline operations to achieve the highest possible levels of performance.

It is not limited to a specific industry; rather, it can be applied across various sectors to drive sustainable success. There are several reasons why you should care about operational excellence because it helps:

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity 

When you achieve operational excellence, you can identify and eliminate process inefficiencies, thus improving workflows and maximizing profits.

Cost Reduction and Resource Optimization 

Operational excellence helps in identifying unnecessary costs associated with outdated access control systems. It can lead to significant cost savings for organizations, while enhancing the overall efficiency of access management.

Mitigate Risks 

Determining and addressing risks is an integral part of operational excellence. Proactively managing risks associated with processes, compliance, and other operational aspects can help you avoid potential pitfalls and disruptions. 

Improve User Satisfaction

Operational excellence in an organization is closely tied to delivering superior user experiences. When access control processes are efficient and user-friendly, individuals can navigate security protocols seamlessly, which results in increased satisfaction and compliance with access management policies.

Achieving operational excellence is imperative to organizational success, and one of the ways to unlock it is by integrating an event management system like EPIC Track with your access control operations. 

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The Problems with Traditional Access Control: How It Affects Operational Excellence 

Traditional access control systems, while serving as foundational security measures, often lacked the crucial components required for fool-proof security. This substantial deficiency has significant implications for achieving operational excellence in the following ways:

Limited Accountability

Traditional systems were primarily focused on granting or restricting access based on predefined parameters. However, they mostly fell short of providing a robust accountability framework on-site. When there are no detailed logs and audit trails, an organization might struggle to trace who accessed specific areas or systems.

Absence of Real-time Updates

These access control systems operate on a static model, which lacks real-time updates. Additionally, any changes made in access privileges or security configurations are not immediately reflected, leading to potential lapses in security.

Scalability Concerns and Integration Gaps

As businesses expand, their existing access management solution struggles to scale seamlessly because of the absence of real-time integration with broader organizational processes. These systems do not adapt effectively to modifications in user roles, which hinders the agility needed to achieve operational excellence.

Security Vulnerabilities and Compliance Risks

The exclusive focus on access control without robust accountability mechanisms can expose a traditional asset-tracking system to security vulnerabilities. The inability to provide real-time updates on security configurations also poses several compliance risks, making managing physical assets difficult for your organization.

Maintenance Challenges and Limited Data Insights

Most conventional access control systems demand manual efforts for maintenance and updates, which is a big hit for a company striving to achieve operational excellence by improving its security posture.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, security is not just about keeping people out; it is about knowing who’s in, where they are, and what they are doing. When a business is vulnerable to security risks, it cannot proactively manage its facilities, thus, achieving operational excellence becomes difficult.

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How EPIC Track Helps Maximize Operational Excellence 

Elliott’s EPIC Track solution has solved some of the biggest obstacles businesses experience when aiming to improve operational efficiency. This event management tracking solution fills gaps in site accountability left by traditional systems that lack crucial data collection, data management, and data access in real time. Here’s how EPIC Track helps organizations achieve operational excellence. 

Unified Access Control and Robust Accountability

EPIC Track transforms access control into a more comprehensive solution by integrating real-time accountability. By converging these two critical elements, businesses can secure physical spaces and gain immediate insights into who is present on-site and where they are, which are essential for seamless operational management and security.

Dynamic Real-Time Site Information

The real-time status view by EPIC Track enhances operational excellence by providing dynamic and instant information about the individuals who have checked into the facility. The feature contributes to heightened situational awareness, enabling organizations to make informed decisions promptly and respond efficiently to evolving security and operational scenarios.

System-Agnostic Adaptability

Implementing EPIC Track within security operations promotes operational excellence, as it does not demand extensive infrastructural changes. With its impressive mobile adaptability, organizations can integrate this accountability tracking system into their operational frameworks without disruptions.

Integration of Technologies

You can leverage the capabilities of EPIC Track through pre-existing mobile devices or stationary kiosks alongside stationary readers configured for diverse RFID card technologies. It becomes easier for organizations to optimize their current systems and card technologies to enhance overall operational efficiency without the need for expensive replacements. EPIC Track scans the same card technology credentials using Apple and Android smartphones, tablet devices, kiosks, and Microsoft PC workstations. 

Ultimate Flexibility for On-the-Move Access Control

EPIC Track is a versatile solution that can be used on stationary computers and kiosks but also has the flexibility to operate using smartphones and tablet mobile devices to track activity at any access-controlled door and have the ability to move that check in/out station to an off-site location. For example, this flexibility allows for establishing a prompt-to-mustering checkpoint in seconds to check people in and out for accountability during an emergency evacuation. 

The scanned information gets uploaded in real-time to the unified cloud database along with the timestamp and other essential data. When an organization has instant site accountability with knowledge of the locations of all people in and out of a building, it can limit access to restricted areas quickly and control the flow of traffic moving throughout any building.

Unmatched Evacuation Efficiency

The most overlooked aspect of achieving operational excellence is monitoring evacuation during emergencies. With EPIC Track, organizations have the ability to efficiently track and monitor these activities in real time, and that enhances safety for on-site employees. This reduced risk translates into better operational excellence, as safety is the primary concern of every individual. 

Incorporating EPIC Track’s capabilities into access control and accountability strengthens security measures and aligns with the core principles of operational excellence. If you are struggling to improve the operational excellence of your organization, it is time to choose EPIC Track.

Unlocking Operational Excellence: Real-Life Scenarios with EPIC Track Across Industries

EPIC Track can cater to the diverse needs of several industries, and that’s why it is among the best event management software. Here are some real-life scenarios on how EPIC Track can improve operational excellence for different industry sectors.

Scenario 1: Corporate Environments

Within corporate offices, EPIC Track can revolutionize access control by sharing data with existing systems. The real-time site information aids operations staff in evaluating procedures and security with instant site accountability at any given time.

During emergency response events, EPIC Track’s mobile flexibility ensures that security personnel can efficiently manage access points from anywhere, contributing to a secure and efficient evacuation, which is essential for compliance standards and operational excellence.

Scenario 2: Educational Institutions

EPIC Track has become an integral part of educational facilities, as the tool improves safety and operational efficiency. The system’s adaptability to RFID card technology facilitates stress-free student and staff management with a seamless transition to greater accountability and is crucial for maintaining a school district’s current budget.  

Furthermore, the real-time data accessible from EPIC Track’s data management dashboard provides advanced insights during emergencies, which are essential for administrators or event organizers to plan swift evacuations.

Scenario 3: Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare settings, where precision and immediacy are critical, EPIC Track enhances access control to meet operational demands. Having the details of the doctors and other nursing members at hand enables healthcare managers to optimize staff movements, which ensures timely visits to critical areas and improves operational excellence. 

Scenario 4: Government Institutions

The departments operated by the government also benefit from EPIC Track’s integration capabilities, as the event management platform can be deployed without disrupting critical government operations.

The crucial on-site information that EPIC Track provides helps government officials in making informed decisions required to maintain the security of the personnel and information. Monitor activity entering and exiting secure areas at all times using EPIC Track’s dashboard to make informed decisions regarding door access for users to reach operational excellence.

Scenario 5: Entertainment Venues

Security personnel in casinos and other entertainment hotspots can use EPIC Track data to monitor and report on access to secure areas of the casinos and ensure all visitor traffic is directed to public areas. They can also efficiently manage access points to maintain a balance between security and a seamless guest experience.

The system’s adaptability caters to the ever-changing demands of the entertainment industry, making operational excellence attainable in the form of better guest services and facility security.

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Explore EPIC Track: Your Gateway to Operational Excellence

The biggest reason organizations fail to achieve operational excellence is the lack of insight into the on-site workforce and security. EPIC Track solves this major problem by providing business administrators with the real-time details they need.

The additional insight into activity taking place within facilities arms operation and security staff with the ability to implement improvements, be more effective with their programs, and generate the reports to support their efforts. 

Equip your organization with EPIC Track, and take a step towards operational excellence. Contact us today for more information, and we’ll demonstrate how EPIC Track is the only solution you need to manage assets.