Campus Card Solutions

A complete, cashless payment solution can be an effective approach for colleges, universities and corporations. An all inclusive system that connects users to a wide variety of functionality such as building access, cashless payment, account management and activity tracking, provide a positive user experience on your campus and strengthens student/employee loyalty.

Total Card

TotalCard is a powerful, modular campus card system that allows colleges and universities to easily identify, validate and track students and faculty members. Students can use their ID cards for a variety of things both on and off campus including purchases, utilizing meal plans, attending events, accessing dorm rooms and other campus facilities, tracking attendance in class, and more.

Campus Onecard

Simplify student life with intelligent campus ID cards. OneCard provides students with a complete campus ID system that provides an all-in-one solution from building access to dining to activities and so much more.

  • Access & Security

  • Activities & Events

  • Bookstore & Library

  • Campus Print & Copy

  • Dining

  • Identification Cards

  • Mobile Applications

  • Parking

  • Financial

  • And More....


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