how to integrate security solutions with video surveillance

Mastering Security: Integrating Solutions with Video Surveillance in Manufacturing and Corporate Industry

Video surveillance has always been the gold standard for security, particularly in the corporate and manufacturing sectors. It provides a reassuring sense of safety as cameras diligently monitor activities from […]

gaming and casino security solutions

Bet on Security: How Gaming and Casino Security Solutions Ensure Safety

Due to their nature, gaming arenas and casinos are often heavily guarded entertainment venues. The sheer volume of currency and cash that flows through them daily makes them an ideal […]

integrated security solutions

Enhancing Local Government Security: The Power of Integrated Security Solutions

In 2018, the U.S. government agencies lost around 13.7 billion dollars to cyber security crimes. The cost of these attacks has become so high that many local organizations have started […]

financial issuance solutions

The Role of Financial Issuance Solutions in Secure Payment Card Production

Let’s take a dip into the history! Some years ago, issuing a payment card used to take several days and, in some cases, even weeks. But in this modern world, […]

ID card tracking systems

Intelligent Campus IDs: How Mobile Apps and ID Card Tracking Systems Enhance Student Life

According to an abstract published by HAL Open Science, personal security features such as access control, the ability to perform several functions, and the capability to upgrade have made smart […]

digital security and surveillance software

Next-Gen Campus Card Program: Strengthening Identification and Security on Campus

The recent trend of high-profile security breaches has placed an increased focus on ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, and campus infrastructure. Today, institutions are leaning towards comprehensive […]

Smart Cards vs. Proximity Cards – Which Solution Offers Better Security?

According to a recent post by Security Magazine, 88% of businesses in the U.S. now experience more physical security threats compared to 2021. With security threats going through the roof, […]

The Importance of Access Control in Health Care: How to Protect Your Patients and Staff

The Importance of Access Control in Health Care: How to Protect Your Patients and Staff Healthcare facilities are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of their patients and staff. […]