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Technical Support

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Elliott’s team of certified technicians support our customers in a number of ways by acting as a knowledge resource and aid in a broad range of services such as software upgrades, printer adjustments, asset management, troubleshooting, and much more.

As a premier and certified partner with many manufacturers, our technical support professionals are industry-specific experts that can assist your employees in solving the majority of technology issues and help with all your questions. With decades of experience, we have the ability and expertise to handle any technical issue you or your company may be experiencing. From small business owners to large enterprises, we have proven to be an invaluable asset for businesses across all industries.

If you would like to speak with one of our technical experts or would simply like to request a quote, please contact us today! Elliott technicians can offer support via online remote sessions, phone and on-site support.

Technical Resources

The team at Elliott Data Systems is available to assist you with technical issues that may arise. Our technicians are trained professionals who will work with you through the resolution process and provide you with complete solutions for maintenance or repair.

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  • Software upgrades.
  • Answer hardware/software questions.
  • Perform maintenance service.
  • Perform system installations.
  • Troubleshoot hardware/software.

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Remote Desktop

Software Security

Safeguarding sensitive data requires constant vigilance. As manufacturers continually add new features and functions, our techs recommend keeping up with firmware updates to reduce cybercrime and safeguard your network. Elliott’s expert IT staff performs this task efficiently, so your business doesn’t miss out on critical information because of a lack of attention to detail.

A crucial element to maintaining system security is routine software firmware updates. These updates protect against security breaches and will maximize system performance. They also ensure that your systems run smoothly by fixing any bugs or errors that might have been introduced during development. It is important to perform regular software updates, and we can help you with the best solutions.

For reliable identity management, access control, and digital credentials, a timely software update is paramount. At Elliott Data Systems, Inc., we make updating your firmware easy. Our technical support team can manage all types of firmware upgrades remotely from any location. We offer only high-quality, vetted accountability solutions that have been tested by our staff and approved before being implemented in the field. We maintain strict quality standards and guarantee the highest level of customer service.

Remote Desktop

On-Site Support

Elliott is a solid, dependable business partner with over 50 years of experience. We employ local, factory trained customer support engineers, software support analysts, and field support technicians to accommodate installation, on-site service, and preventive maintenance.

We offer loaner systems from our local offices, and still think it is important to locally stock inventories of parts and supplies for all our systems. These items are always available for same day delivery if necessary.

Call (888) 345-8511 to schedule an on-site appointment.

Complete Service Agreement

Having an Elliott Complete Service Agreement helps you avoid unbudgeted bills for support by locking in an established rate for the entire term of your contract.

  • Priority Service
  • Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Free Software Version Upgrades
  • Free Loaner Systems
  • Free Remote Assistance

Ask Customer Service for more information on Complete Service Agreements

Software Technology

A crucial element to maintaining system security, are routine software firmware updates. These updates protect against security breeches and will maximize system performance.

Printer Firmware Updates

Printers running outdated firmware require a quick two-step process to update your software to the current firmware version. Elliott’s technical staff will perform your firmware update via remote desktop within minutes. If it is not possible to complete an upgrade remotely, our highly skilled engineers will visit your site to perform the upgrade and fix any problems that may occur.

Supply Firmware Security

Benefits of new regional supplies:

  • Ensures superior quality with optimized color rich image printing
  • Protecting print to ribbon supply communication integrity increasing printer security
  • Ribbon is a reduced environmental footprint with less waste

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