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The most basic function of any organization’s identity program is to identify. Elliott has a long history of providing ID card printing systems that do just that, by producing quality color ID badges for users of all types. However, Elliott’s identity solutions doesn’t stop there. Users may choose from a wide range of security features for their color photo ID badges, perform secure digital verification or track and manage gathered data during events. Not only does Elliott provide a variety of identity systems, they also provide the supplies and accessories you may want to accompany them. No matter what your needs, Elliott has a solution that will enable you to identify your goals and meet them.



A natural progression from the basic use of ID cards is to infuse those cards with the power of access. With a user’s ID card, they may gain physical entry to locations, access accounts, or obtain permission to access secure locations. With the power of access, organizations may count on an increase in user card activity, greater campus/facility security, and more efficient processes.



Elliott has become a valuable resource for financial card issuance. Our partnerships with world leading manufacturers for instant and central issuance credit/debit card printers, our expertise in EMV program implementation, and our professional in-house installation and training team, makes Elliott a resource any financial institution can depend on.


Professional Service & Support

Elliott Data Systems, Inc. is known as the best local source for integrated facility security (access control, video surveillance, secure ID cards, etc) and digital security (digital credentials, multi-factor authentication, etc) solutions in the region. While price is often a key factor in a decision process, Our Value to customers for nearly 50 years has been in providing the highest quality and best, locally supported solution available. Elliott solutions are backed by a team of professionals who establish service and maintain systems built for powerful results and long-term success.


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Elliott Data Systems, Inc. is proud of its history and ability to continuously evolve over the past fifty years through innovative technology solutions and local professional service that supports a wide variety of industries and markets throughout parts of the Mid-West and Southern regions of the country.

Our team is constantly adapting and exploring new, cutting-edge solutions that solve our client’s issues and challenges as they grow and adjust to the demands of the world around them. At Elliott, we’re in it for the long term. Our team provides proven solutions with support that will care for our client’s needs now and for many years to come.

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