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Elliott Data Systems, Inc. has supported local Casinos for many years with plastic ID cards and support. However, our solutions for the Casino Gaming Industry has expanded to many other crucial tools that maintain and increase security, save casinos money and provide greater accountability inside casino facilities. Issue secure staff ID badges and member rewards cards, identify barred players at the doors and protect areas of a casino with access control features, using an Elliott identification and accountability solution.

Solution Objectives

  • Issue Secure ID Badges
  • Identify & Track Visitors
  • Control Facility Access
  • Track Time & Attendance
  • Parking Access
  • And Much More....

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Gaming Organization Access Management

Casinos are home to many avid gambling fans. From thrilling slot machines and heart-racing roulettes to strategic poker games, casino games bring endless entertainment to many people.


However, casinos are notorious for being the target of organized crime, fraudsters, and hackers. With so much money at stake, casinos must take extra measures to ensure their premises are secured from malicious actors who may potentially cause serious financial losses.


This is where Elliott Data Systems’ gaming organization access management services come in. Our security management service provides all forms of casino security, including access control, identity authentication, and video surveillance.


Our gaming security system is designed to adapt to the changing casino environment and provides comprehensive protection to your gaming organization.


Contact our team today to maximize your security efforts and maintain a safe and secure atmosphere for your players.


Boost Movement Tracking With Our Comprehensive EPIC Track System

Our flexible EPIC track system is a basic yet powerful tracking solution you can use to monitor employee and asset movement inside your casino. Its straightforward feature lets you efficiently tell which employees entered the casino and when they left.


The data gathered by this system is stored in an expansive cloud-based platform, so approved personnel can easily access remotely. What’s more? Our tracking system also integrates with existing database lists, making it easy to implement and gather a holistic overview of the activities inside your casino.

Our Physical Security Solutions

Our company provides an all-encompassing security solution for all levels of casino operations. Here’s what you can expect from our services:

Issue Secure ID Badges

As a business, only authorized personnel should be able to access restricted areas. Our team can create secure ID badges for staff and external personnel to identify and regulate movement within restricted premises. Our secure smart card ID badges are encrypted to prevent tampering.

Identify and Track Employees

Using our intelligent casino EPIC tracking system and identification badges, you can quickly identify and monitor staff activity on the premises. This allows you to perform greater accountability and security among staff at any given time.

Control Facility Access

We can also help you install specialized equipment to control access to and within a facility. With a controlled facility access system, you can ensure that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas of your casino.


With our extensive portfolio of security solutions, including biometric security tools, intruders and unauthorized users won’t be able to bypass your security measures. Integrated security technology of secure ID badges, access control, video surveillance, etc provides a robust security program for any gaming facility.

Track Time and Attendance

Casinos must be able to monitor and control employee time and attendance. You can utilize our efficient and flexible EPIC tracking system to easily track staff hours and ensure their time is being used efficiently.


Additionally, you can refer to the time tracking data to identify any staff members working during an incident.

Parking Access

We can also install parking access control systems to monitor and regulate the flow of vehicles on your premises. Our solution allows you to track and oversee the number of cars entering and leaving your parking lots. With our parking access, you can provide your staff and customers with a seamless and safe entry.

Other Security Solutions

At Elliott Data Systems, we offer a variety of security solutions tailored to fit your needs. We can help you install CCTV systems, access control systems, and more to ensure the safety of your casino. Our team only uses state-of-the-art security tools and the latest security technologies to provide superior quality protection.

Fortify Your Casino’s Security With Our Logical Access Solutions

You can try our robust logical access solutions if you want to boost your casino operations while staying secure. With this system, you can control who has access to data and information within your casino. Our logical access system is highly encrypted, so you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure.

Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe With Our Comprehensive Casino Security Solutions

Player security is integral to the success of casinos. Whether you have the latest slot machine game or a 5-star restaurant, it won’t matter if your customers feel unsafe coming to your casino. You can protect your casino from any security and data breach with the right tools and security system provider.


Elliott Data Systems provides comprehensive casino security solutions to help you fortify your business. We offer specialized tools, such as ID badge issuance, physical access control systems, video surveillance systems, and parking access control systems, to keep your customers and employees safe.


Contact us today for a free consultation or quote on our gaming security solutions.