Government ID Badges & access security


Government agencies that need to secure their data, personnel, and physical locations require a reliable and secure identification system that goes beyond the standard driver’s license. With a comprehensive government-issued ID card program, authorities can create verifiable forms of identification that can be used to prove identity, track personnel movements, and control access to sensitive areas.

Elliott Data Systems is able to partner with a local, state, or federal agency to address issues related to credentialing, accountability, and security through the deployment of our ID card solutions. These solutions are utilized to provide identification badges to employees working in various government agencies, including municipal departments such as police and fire, as well as military organizations. Our solutions follow FIPS 201 and interoperability standards so that identification documents issued by one organization are recognized and accepted by another.

In addition to employee identification, these programs may also be utilized to issue an identification document like driver’s licenses, national IDs, smart IDs, healthcare IDs, gun permit IDs, membership IDs, and more. Additionally, they may be utilized by banks and other regulated financial services, such as credit unions and insurance companies, who need to verify the identity of customers and employees to fight against identity theft.

Accountability & Tracking Solution For A Government Agency

Elliott Data Systems offers emergency first responder accountability and tracking systems to ensure the safety and accountability of personnel during on-scene operations. These systems can automatically track and monitor the location and status of first responders in real-time, reducing the potential for human error and ensuring that all personnel is accounted for during emergencies.

Accessible through a secure online portal or mobile device, these systems can send alerts during emergencies or if a first responder becomes unaccounted for at some point. In addition to tracking, the systems may include incident reporting, communication tools, and resource management.


  • Issue Secure ID Badges
  • Design & Create Custom Photo ID Cards
  • Grant Parking Access
  • Manage Personnel Data Records
  • Identify & Track Visitors
  • Control Facility Access
  • Track Time & Attendance
  • Track Assets With Check In/Out
  • Emergency Response
  • And Much More….

Government-Grade Security From Elliott’s ID Programs

With a wealth of experience in managing complex credentialing projects, Elliott is well-equipped to handle the unique needs of government agencies. Some of the services that may be included in these solutions are:

ID Card Issuance & Management:

With Elliott’s ID card issuance solution, agencies can issue highly secure ID cards with advanced features such as biometric information and encryption to their personnel. The system includes an integrated database and secure card printing, providing a reliable solution for issuing, managing, and tracking ID cards. With advanced ID printers and card personalization software, agencies can also create custom ID cards with unique features such as magnetic stripes, bar codes, QR codes, holographic images, micro printing, and watermarks.

Asset Management & Tracking:

Elliott Data Systems also offers asset management and tracking solutions to help government agencies manage their physical assets like electronics, machinery, tools, vehicles, and more. The system includes an inventory database and asset tracking software, allowing agencies to assign assets of all types and sizes to personnel by scanning barcode labels or RFID tags. Using the system, asset inventory can be monitored and maintenance can be scheduled, ensuring their safety.

First Responder Accountability:

Elliott’s Mobile Solutions® provides first responders with real-time accountability and tracking systems. Mobile Solutions® offers Emergency Event Manager which is a solution that works in conjunction with Mobile ID to track and manage first responders at emergency scenes and provides comprehensive tracking of their locations.

combines Tactron’s manual Accountability Management Program with Mobile ID’s electronic Personnel Data Management Software to create a powerful and affordable solution for Emergency Response. This packaged system offers a comprehensive solution for managing personnel and ensuring accountability during emergencies.

Law Enforcement:

Elliott Data Systems provides solutions for law enforcement agencies, helping them manage their personnel and protect the public. These solutions include secure ID card issuance, video surveillance, access control, emergency scene event management, and more.

NIST SP 800-171 Mandate Compliance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued a mandate, known as Special Publication 800-171, requiring government contractors to implement additional security measures beyond passwords to protect government agencies and organizations. If you are a contractor working with government entities, it is important to ensure that you comply with this mandate to protect sensitive data and maintain your business relationships. Elliott Data Systems offers solutions to help contractors meet the requirements of NIST SP 800-171 and ensure the security of their systems and data.

A Trusted Partner For Government Agencies

Government agencies and departments value the quality and security Elliott’s identification, and accountability solutions provide. With many ID card security features, multiple levels of secure access, and electronic data protection, departments can easily manage personnel data, issue secure government IDs, control facility access, and much more. Elliott’s identity and accountability solutions will stay within budget goals, streamline processes and provide added security for staff members and visitors.

Contact Elliott Data Systems today to learn more about how our identification and accountability solutions can help your government agency.

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