Campus Card Solutions

A complete access control and cashless payment solution can be a practical approach for colleges, universities, and corporations. Elliott Data Systems' campus ID cards provide all-in-one comprehensive identity management solutions that connect users to a wide variety of functionality, including student card ID or employee photo ID, print card, library card, bus pass, athletic center pass, and so on. The new system will also offer cashless payment; a convenient way to pay at official university locations and participating public establishments with a card reader.

Our campus card solutions improve processes associated with ID management by providing a single point of contact for students, faculty, and staff. The campus card is designed to provide a secure method of identification while allowing for easy access to various services on campus. Students or employees can gain access to buildings and rooms using their campus card rather than a key, which increases security on campus for them as well as everyone else.

From identification to payments to activity tracking, our campus card solutions are a cost-effective way to manage your campus community. This also extends to safety and access control on campus.

Total Card


 TotalCard is a comprehensive, integrated, multi-use card program designed specifically for use by college students and faculty members. It provides the ability to make purchases, manage their finances, access campus services, utilize meal plans, pay bills, obtain admission to events, gain entry to dorms and other university buildings, track class attendance, and more.

 Most campuses face the challenge of integrating multiple systems into one cohesive platform. TotalCard Campus Card System includes a suite of applications that work together seamlessly to allow a person to manage their entire campus life from a single interface.

 TotalCard is most commonly used for:

  •  Transactions related to student meal plans and on-campus debits, including food and drinks, copying, vending, and laundry
  • Access control at campus buildings
  • Student ID validation at events
  • Attendance tracking in the classroom
  • Dormitory registration and guest tracking

Campus Onecard


OneCard is a complete campus ID system that provides all-in-one access to campus buildings, dining halls, classrooms, libraries, athletic facilities, and much more. With OneCard, you have everything you need to get around campus with just one card.

When it comes to a campus or university ID card, every university, college, and business campus has its own unique needs and requirements. OneCard campus card simplifies student or employee life by providing a convenient way to access campus services, track activities, and stay connected to their school or place of employment.

Elliott's campus card solutions are easy to implement and integrate with existing IT infrastructure. Our streamlined operations enable you to focus on meeting the needs of your students or employees. Whether you want to expand an existing campus card program or start fresh with a new identity management system, Elliott will help you design a customized campus card solution that meets the requirements of campuses of all sizes.

  • Access & Security

  • Activities & Events

  • Bookstore & Library

  • Campus Print & Copy

  • Dining

  • Identification Cards

  • Mobile Applications

  • Parking

  • Financial

  • And More....


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