Elementary schools, colleges or universities can easily implement identity systems that perform basic Identity management and ID card production to a more comprehensive complete campus ID card solution that ties in a number of campus functionality to a student’s account.

EPIC TrackTM is the perfect solution for K-12 School Districts to use when managing new school learning atmospheres supporting in-school and on-line learning. Expand your identication program by tracking student assets, temperature readings, and check in/out when entering a bus or school premises. Setup scanning stations 6’ away from personnel or with mobile devices such as smartphones,tablets, handhelds or RPC at entrances.

Track specic details for COVID contact tracing using the EPIC TrackTM Solution by identifying which student is on which bus, classroom,recess, etc., including a time stamp, by scanning student/sta IDs and collecting event data.

EPIC Track for K-12


  • Issue Secure ID Badges

  • Identify & Track Visitors

  • Control Facility Access

  • Track Time & Attendance

  • Customized Accessories

  • Issue ID Cards Off-site

  • Manage Student/Staff Data

  • Track Assets With Check In/Out

  • Track & Manage School Events

  • Increase Campus Security

  • Campus Card Cashless Payment

  • And Much More....


Photo Identification

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Supplies & Accessories

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Access Control

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Campus Card Solutions

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 Lockdown Alert System

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Protect What We Value Most

Sielox CLASS is an emergency response system that provides several cost-effective configuration options that can be customized for K–12, higher education, healthcare, government, or business facilities. Using graphical maps, email, and text messaging, Sielox CLASS can notify security, administrators, and first responders of room statuses, updates, and notifications in real-time.

Sielox CLASS (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) provides a versatile solution to crisis management by enhancing communication and awareness during critical situations. The browser-based application can be accessed securely from anywhere, anytime, using mobile devices, desktops, laptops, or smart boards.

Visitor Management

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