Add value and prestige to your membership program by issuing quality ID cards to members. Take it a step further by incorporating functionality to those cards that will increase security, track and manage member activity and encourage users to fully utilize their membership. Elliott representatives will work with you to build an identity program that will promote member activity, reduce costs and maximize the value and functionality of your membership cards without compromising your budget.


Issue Quality ID Badges

Identify & Track Visitors

Control Facility Access

Track Time & Attendance

Parking Access

Manage Member Data Records

Track Assets with Check In/Out

Track Class Activity

Cafeteria/Concession Account

And Much More....


 Photo Identification

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Supplies & Accessories

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In addition to our ID card printers and software, we also offer a variety of supplies and accessories to help you get the most out of your identity solution. We carry everything from ID cards and ribbons to badge holders and custom lanyards. With our wide selection of products, you'll be able to find everything you need to create high-quality ID badges for your organization.

Access Control

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Simplified Identity Management

Elliott offers access control systems with centralized management that allow you to monitor and control employee access to your company's resources. Our access control systems can be used to control access to certain areas, track employee entry and exit times, and generate reports on employee access activity.

Using our secured identity solution, you can safeguard your workplace by preventing unauthorized vehicles and personnel from gaining access to your facility.

Campus Card Solutions

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One Card Management System for All Your Campus Needs

A cloud-hosted campus card system from Elliott Data Systems provides your school, college, or university with a central, online management system for all of your campus card needs. Eliminate the need for multiple card systems on your campus with our unified platform. With our system, you can use one card for everything from access control and gaining admission to events to meal payments, library book check-outs, and campus ID.

You can print and customize card designs for different students, staff, and faculty classifications. Our system is designed to provide you with the flexibility and scalability you need to manage your campus card program now and in the future.

 Visitor Management

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Register Visitors in Less Than 6 Seconds

Paper logbooks are a thing of the past! Our visitor management solution allows you to track who is on your premises at all times digitally. With our solution, you can easily check-in visitors, print badges, and track their whereabouts while they are on your property.

BadgePass Visitor Manager is a comprehensive solution with simply swipe-and-go visitor check-in. It captures a visitor's driver's license or government ID, prints a badge, and stores their sensitive data for future visits.

Easily enroll parents, contractors, volunteers, and other one-time or infrequent visitors in less than 6 seconds. With Visitor Manager, you can keep unwanted visitors out while still providing a great experience for your guests.

Accountability Solutions

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