Select from a series of recorded webinar demonstration videos presented below to view now or download and watch when convenient to your schedule. Watch a series of ID card security video webinars and demonstrations that illustrate the security strengths and vulnerabilities each possess. Learn ways you can enhance ID security using today’s most secure and innovative ID card technology and how that may be integrated to strengthen an ID badge level of protection for your organization.

ID Card Security
On Demand Presentations

ID Card Security Webinars & Demonstrations

Biometric ID Cards

Learn about SentryCard biometric proximity card - a high level security biometric card that offers multi-factor biometric authentication, passive proximity detection, and GDPR & CCPA privacy.

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Improving ID Card Security

Learn how you can prevent unauthorized cards from being used to access your facilities before it happens. Understand the security or lack of security using different credential types. View how an unauthorized card can be created and explore options to remedy unsecured cards.

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Secure Identity & Access Management

IDaaS enables seamless and secure user access to data, systems, and apps from any device, anywhere.

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