SmartReg Data Capture

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SmartReg Data Capture Overview

Fast and Easy Check-in

Streamline your check-in process and eliminate the hassle of paper-sign in sheets. With BadgePass Visitor Manager, you can accurately register a guest in less than 6 seconds, making it the fastest system on the market! Simply scan a visitor driver’s license to populate critical guest details into the system, making the experience both convenient for the visitor and secure for your business. Quickly and easily select from customized visitor types and purposes and print customized visitor badges, if needed. Visitor Manager also keeps a digital record of all visitor history, including any images or electronically signed documents, for easy reporting details whenever you need them.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

For facilities looking to keep banned or unwanted visitors out of the building, the Banned Visitor functionality within BadgePass is the perfect solution. If a guest arrives that should not be granted access, the system will provide a pop-up notification to the operator to indicate that they should not be checked in. Visitor Manager can be configured to ban a visitor from all buildings, all personnel and all locations; or, it can be set up with more specific, multi-level banning rules. Automatic email notifications can also be configured upon a banned visitor’s arrival to alert security, or other personnel, within the building, in the event of a security concern.

Accurate On-Site List

It’s more important than ever before to have an accurate list of all current guests and visitors that are onsite at any given moment. The convenient On-Site List available within BadgePass Visitor Manager is available at all Client workstations, as well as through our convenient web-based reporting services.

Maintaining a current and accurate On-Site List is imperative to organizations looking to prepare thorough emergency lockdown and evacuation procedures. As part of our credential management system, the BadgePass On-Site List can contain not only visitor details, but also information about all other cardholders onsite at any time, including employees, students, contractors and more.

Customizable Visitor Badges

Easily identify authorized visitors and guests with customizable visitor badges. Adhesive badges can be printed upon visitor check-in that include the visitor name, date, details of their visit and even verification they have completed health and safety screenings, when required. Visitor badges are completely customizable, and users benefit from the ability to create an unlimited number of designs within the system.

Grant Temporary Access to Visitors

BadgePass Visitor Manager is part of our larger credential management system, making it extremely easy to grant temporary access privileges to visitors and guests. Our customizable QuickPass card technology allows for automatic check-in and check-out of visitors and streamlined activation of card access privileges, as needed. Even better, visitor activity throughout the building is recorded and tracked via the On-Site List and our reporting services, allowing you to monitor and track access at all times.

More than just Visitor Manager

The biggest benefit of BadgePass Visitor Manager is that it is part of a complete credential management system. The seamless integration with cardholder information ensures that only current and active cardholders are available “to be visited” at any time. The shared access control database allows for streamlined and automatic activation and deactivation of visitor access privileges upon check-in and check-out. With BadgePass, you receive all the features and functionality that you need out of an electronic visitor management system, along with the benefits of a larger, fully-integrated credential management system to manage all cardholder activity and privileges.

Features & Benefits

  • Integration with Identity Manager and Access Manager
  • Enterprise or Standalone Solution
  • Driver’s License Scanning
  • Fast Check-in (Six Second Check-in)
  • Customizable Visitor Badge Designs
  • Photo Capture (Live or Driver’s License)
  • Visit Purposes
  • Visitor Types
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • QuickPass Visitor Pass (Visitor Access Control)
  • Document Signature Pad (NDA, Health Screening, etc.)
  • Sex Offender Scanning
  • Internal Banned List
  • Custom Fields
  • Adhesive Labels, Expiring Labels, or PVC Cards
  • Automatic Check-Out
  • Real Time Onsite List
  • Contact Tracing (Employees and Visitors)
  • Sync with Existing Data Source (DataSync)
  • Web-based Reporting