UBand™ Proximity Wearable Credential Black


UBand™ Proximity Wearable Credential Black Overview

Black UBand™ 125kHz Proximity Wearable Wristband Credential.

UBand is a silicone wristband you wear on your wrist that contains a 125 kHz proximity chip, allowing you to use the wristband the same way you’d use a proximity card. This innovative wearable is available in 6”, 7”, 8” circumference sizes and can be customized to display graphics or text.


UBand is available in multiple bit formats, including 26 bit, 35 bit and 37 bit, ensuring that there’s a fit for your organization. UBand is also compatible with many HID® proximity formats, meaning it can serve as a direct replacement for HID® cards in many cases.