Granite City, IL

Among small and medium financial institutions, 90% have experienced data breaches, and ID/credential theft was a prominent factor in 60% of these incidents, according to a recent report by GMI. Besides financial institutions, corporate, healthcare, education, and other industries are also prone to identity-related breaches. 

Elliott Data Systems understands the gravity of these security incidents and is here to provide businesses throughout southern Illinois with peace of mind using integrated identity security solutions. We help secure your business’s most valuable assets by providing comprehensive physical and digital security solutions.

Being a locally owned and operated company, Elliott Data Systems is always on standby to support your Elliott identity security products with onsite and remote technical and customer service support. Contact us today and make your business securely protected from advanced digital and physical threats.

Protect Your Organization Beyond Boundaries from All Identity Threats

As technology evolves, so do the strategies of those aiming to breach your sensitive information. At Elliott Data Systems, our mission is to empower your organization with a good identity security solution that anticipates and neutralizes threats from all angles. 

We understand that each business is unique, and our security solutions are customized to align seamlessly with your operations, providing precise and effective protection. Businesses, schools and other organizations in Granite City, IL, trust us for:

  • Controlled Access Systems: Ensure secure premises with our advanced access control systems, allowing authorized access privileges while preventing unauthorized entry.
  • Video Surveillance Security Measures: Experience peace of mind with real-time video monitoring and recording to protect business assets and personnel.
  • Secure ID Card Printing: Elevate security with customized ID card printing and multi-factor authentication to enhance conditional access control and employee identification.
  • Event Management and Tracking: Combine event tracking and access control seamlessly using privileged credentials for secure and organized environments.
  • Campus Card Systems: Facilitate secure access to critical assets and authenticate users with streamlined operations through our campus card systems.
  • Healthcare Data Protection: Safeguard patient data and ensure industry compliance with our healthcare point-of-care solutions.
  • Visitor Security Access Management: Enhance business safety with our visitor management systems and provide secure and monitored access to visitors. 

Ready to take your business identity security to the next level? Dial 1-888-345-8511 today for a consultation, and get personalized recommendations from our security solutions professionals supporting Granite City businesses, schools, and organizations. 

Invest in Security Excellence with Granite City’s Leading ID Security Solutions Provider

Still wondering why identity security is important? Security is one of the foundational pillars of any operation, so it shouldn’t be overlooked, as potential threats are always around. At Elliott Data Systems, we help businesses like yours harness physical and digital identity security solutions to safeguard their premises and data.

Our approach combines state-of-the-art technologies with a team of seasoned experts dedicated to staying ahead of emerging threats. Besides installation, we also provide ongoing maintenance and updates so your business remains protected against the latest identity-related access risks.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your security needs. We employ cutting-edge solutions that keep your organization safe and secure at all times. 

Note: We are not a third-party vendor that provides a security strategy, we supply and install security solutions composed of integrated hardware and software technology.