Memphis, TN

Security threats emerge every day, and they have evolved to become more robust. If you are a business owner in Memphis, Tennessee, your biggest concern should be the security of your data and employees.

At Elliott Data Systems, we understand exactly the risks your organization is prone to and provide integrated security solutions to combat them. Whether you are a global Fortune 1000 business or an SME with a few employees, we equip you with tailored security solutions to protect your assets from the edge to the cloud.

Our state-of-the-art digital and physical security solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Access Control System– Access control in Memphis plays a pivotal role in ensuring the security of facilities and resources. Secure your facilities and resources with confidence and only allow authorized personnel to gain access from the entry point.
  • Asset Management- Track your valuable assets and optimize utilization in real-time.
  • ID Printing Systems- Create high-quality, secure ID cards for various applications such as access control.
  • Event Tracking Solutions- Gain real-time insights and enhance event security using mobile devices.
  • Video Surveillance Camera Systems- Monitor your premises and deter potential threats through a unified control system.
  • Digital Card Mobile Payment- Let your students/employees pay securely with digital IDs.
  • ID Card Supplies & Accessories- Print secure ID cards with a click using our advanced printers and card supplies.
  • Digital Credentials for Mobile IDs- Secure, convenient access and identification on the go.
  • Instant Financial Issuance Printers- Issue financial cards efficiently and securely for seamless transactions.

Your business is your most valuable entity, so don’t leave its security to a chance. Contact us today and deploy cutting-edge cloud-based security systems to safeguard your organization from external and internal threats.

We Strive to Protect Your Data, Assets, and Reputation from Risks

Elliott Data Systems provides businesses like yours with an integrated approach that safeguards your virtual as well as physical property against a multi-layered spectrum of threats. We leverage advanced technologies and devices, such as access control systems and comprehensive asset management tools, to help you stay ahead of the curve.

With our robust security systems in place, organizations in Memphis can enjoy peace of mind, knowing they are well-equipped to face potential risks and maintain a strong security posture.

Beyond the technology, we offer a human touch. Our team of experienced professionals works collaboratively with you to understand your specific business needs and vulnerabilities, ensuring our approach is tailored to mitigate your unique threats effectively.

Elliott Data Systems: Memphis’s Trusted Partner for Total Security Solutions

Elliott Data Systems has expertise in providing expandable accountability solutions for real-time insights. Protecting your corporate business or college campus becomes easier with our locally or cloud-hosted security solutions.

When you reach out to us at 1-888-345-8511, we assess your security needs, and our team recommends the systems to future-proof your business’s security. We also integrate or install these systems and train your staff to utilize them to their full potential. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about how investing in access control integration is a wise decision and what type of security system is best suited for your organization.

Note: We are not a security company, we provide access control system installation and maintenance to equip your premises with best-in-class security devices.