Saint Peters, MO

Superior Integrated Security Solutions by Elliott Data Systems in Saint Peters, MO

Whether you own a small business, operate a hospital, manage a school district, or oversee public safety operations in Saint Peters, MO, safeguarding your facility is one of the big parts of your continued success and growth.

With the complex nature of today’s security threats and the ever-evolving nature of technology needs, protecting your facility requires a comprehensive security system, including an asset tracking system. And the best way to do that is to invest in a solution from a reliable provider.

For more than 50 years, Elliott Data Systems has been at the forefront of providing physical and digital security solutions in Missouri. With our combination of hardware, software, and professional support services, we can help you build a safe environment that will protect your staff, students, assets, data, and more.

Our variety of security solutions includes;

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • ID Printing Systems
  • ID Card Supplies & Accessories
  • Digital Credentials for Mobile IDs
  • Visitor Management Solutions
  • Event Tracking Solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Instant Financial Issuance Printers
  • Digital Card Mobile Payment

Expert Remote Asset Management Solution in Saint Peters, MO

Saint Peters, MO, stands as an important business hub in the region and is home to many companies, government offices, and educational institutions. And Asset management has grown to be a key requirement for the Saint Peters business ecosystem.

To thrive in today’s competitive landscape, adopting sophisticated asset-tracking software plays a critical role in maintaining operational efficiency, optimizing asset utilization, and minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Elliott Asset Manager – Better Asset Tracking with Industry-Leading Software

Asset Manager is a software solution from Elliott Data Systems that helps you identify and track items by scanning barcode tags. These items can be a range of assets such as electronics, athletic equipments, tools, supplies, vehicles, medical equipment, and other materials.

Any item that can be labeled with a barcode can be tracked using the Asset Manager software and can also be assigned to a person, group, department, or agency, aiding in tracking assets.

When it’s time to do an inventory management or asset tracking audit, you can quickly search and view the status of an asset from the Asset Manager dashboard. The asset management software also allows you to generate detailed reports on who has used or checked out any asset and when helping you detect any anomalies and maintain a clear overview of your asset value and asset usage.

Asset Manager Features

  • Use barcoded tags to label and track assets.
  • Associate assets to people/groups using a parent/child category relationship.
  • Tracks products by department, grant and purchase date.
  • Share asset data with other remote departments/divisions.
  • Generate accountability reports for grant purchases.
  • Schedule maintenance on vehicles and equipment.
  • Use a handheld device for quick & easy inventory tracking.
  • Attach documents to assets & meet the needs of NFPA 1851.
  • NIMS resource typing included.​

The Asset Manager software consists of two components, the Asset Manager Client (software) and the Asset Manager Server (web application). Each of these has certain functionality that can help to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Whether you want a stand-alone local solution or a centralized asset database for managing assets in multiple locations, Elliott’s Asset Manager can help you accomplish your asset-tracking goals.

Professional Services for Secure Business Operations

The Asset Manager software has the capability to integrate with various hardware and software products, which can improve the overall solution and create a more comprehensive system for asset management, resulting in greater success and effectiveness.

At Elliott, we specialize in providing our customers with an all-inclusive package of services that includes pre-sales consultation, project analysis, installation & configurationuser training, and technical support services.

We help your team to install, how to operate, and maintain Elliott’s software & hardware solutions. Call us today at 1-888-345-8511 to learn more about how Elliott Data Systems can help your organization manage assets.