Identity management and system access control is a layer of security that many organizations value and find essential to the overall safety and security of those on the premises. A reliable electronic access control system safeguards your digital and physical security, helping protect important assets against unauthorized users or intruders while also allowing authorized users to enter and exit with ease.

With over 50 years in the industry, Elliott offers the highest level of security solutions for facilities, networks, assets, and resources. Elliott provides integrated access control software and hardware technology such as ID card readers, identity management software, access control panels, and a variety of ID cards to grant access. Our complete solution helps to keep businesses safe, and our products are proven through extensive use by corporations, K–12 districts, college & universities, manufacturing facilities, government and military environments, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, and more.


Elliott's advanced security solutions allow you to oversee and track all identities from a central access control panel with remote management. Accessing information about individuals will enable administrators to make better decisions about what people can do based on their position within an organization, whether they are key employees or someone without a formal role. With accurate ID data, you'll be able to better identify employees, ensure compliance, and implement business benefits, like providing secure access to remote offices and other facilities. 


Simplify the process of managing multiple identities throughout an organization by providing a single point of enrollment, credential issuance, and identity management across all BadgePass modules.



With BadgePass integrated access management, you can effectively monitor, track, and enforce user access policies using the same device that issued their credentials. Take your security to the next level with BadgePass Access Manager.



Industry's most secure and innovative cloud-based access control platform, which can be easily managed from anywhere at any time. With an easy-to-use web interface, you can effortlessly assign security entitlements and create workflows when granting or denying personnel access. Keep has been purpose-built specifically to provide highly flexible access control features that align seamlessly with today's enterprise security standards.



SafeAccess from Safetrust is designed to help you strengthen your physical perimeter security using virtual credentials that are securely stored in a mobile device. SafeAccess allows administrators to enhance security by replacing card-based credentials that can be lost, stolen, or compromised and instead issue new virtual credentials.

SafeAccess gives you a single wallet system that replaces multiple card credentials among different access control systems. With safe access, virtual credentials can be quickly issued or revoked with a click of one button without having to print out new IDs.

SafeAccess integrates various existing badge technologies enabling you to leverage your current infrastructure and computer networks. As a result, it provides flexibility to administrators wanting to issue short- or long-term credentials without impacting end users.

Safe Access Features


Vehicle Access Management is designed to cater to the need for managing the entry and exit of vehicles at corporate offices, universities, government organizations, or any other high-security areas. This is facilitated by FEIG Electronic automatic vehicle identification with HF and UHF systems. They can be used as stand-alone systems or integrated with existing access control systems. The integration of vehicle identification with access control systems provides an added layer of security by not only restrict access to authorized vehicles, but also to authorized drivers.

Vehicle Access Management helps in the enrollment, mapping, and authentication of vehicles. Elliotts' identity and access management program keeps drivers' data, vehicle services, and driving experience up to date. This, in turn, helps the organization manage and monitor their fleet, as well as protect the perimeter.

Vehicle ID & Access Control


Power a broad range of devices using credentials of various form factors that are mobile, interoperable, secure, and private. Use one digital credential to communicate with other technologies while shielding the exchange of information between them from unauthorized access.



Elliott's Multi-technology Readers are designed to simplify your physical access control solutions now and in the future. Transition your system from proximity to smart card technology at your own pace without changing out readers down the road. One sleek reader handles applicable ISO standards (14443), is FIPS 201-1 compliant, and is versatile enough to read 125kHZ proximity and 13.56MHz contactless smart cards in a single unit.



The Elliott Smart Reader is a stylish, cost-effective option to gain access using contactless smart card credentials. This reader can easily be fitted into small spaces due to its mini-mullion design. Designed to interface with most access control systems, this smart reader can be easily added to existing systems that operate on Wiegand interfaces.


The Elliott Proximity Reader is a stylish, cost-effective option for any proximity-only access control installation. The mini-mullion design allows this reader to be installed in small spaces with ease. This versatile proximity reader can interface with many access control models and can easily be added as an update for many existing systems operating on a Wiegand interface.



With traditional proximity cards becoming less secure, a powerful, secure, multi-application card becomes essential. With the MOCA (Multiapplication Open Card Architecture) Card, a new standard has been established. Unlike proximity cards, MOCA is a 13.56 MHz contactless card that is more powerful and secure. As well as handling multiple applications, MOCA has 100 times greater storage and 100 times faster read speed.

Elliott develops leading-edge access control and authentication solutions that help companies and governments combat an ever-changing threat environment. When security and privacy are of the utmost importance, our innovative and integrated solutions provide trusted access to critical data and high-value assets. The right discretionary access control system is the cornerstone of any security program. In today's challenging threat landscape, it is imperative to partner with a company that can design, install, and maintain a system that will evolve as your business does.


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