Adaptive Instant ID Issuance

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Adaptive Instant ID Issuance Overview

With Instant ID as a Service it’s impossible to create a poor credential. We brought the security, adaptability, and transformative innovation that you expect from Entrust to the cloud. With all the state-of-the-art features, but without the IT headaches, Instant ID as a Service is built for any organization—big or small.

Features & Benefits

Key Features
Expanded list of available fonts in credential design
  • For the ID card designers there is now a wide selection of Google fonts available when creating an ID card design, including Japanese fonts.
  • Google fonts can be downloaded and distributed with no additional licensing fees. The fonts available are close to Microsoft fonts in Windows.
Custom list fields in credential design
  • Allows the ID card designer the ability to create their own drop-down list that populates dynamic text fields.
The ability to export credential records to CSV file
  • Enables enterprises to use IIDaaS for enrolling employees, students, and more, and take those records out of IIDaaS and either insert them into their own systems or have as a backup file for compliance reasons.
Additional support for the professional-level entitlement
  • Reading data from iCLASS™ and Prox cards enables enterprises to use employee badges for door access with iCLASS and Prox cards.
  • Gives customers the ability to pull in employee and student records from their own database:
    • Easily integrate to IIDaaS to get the latest records without a manual effort (bulk import not required).
    • This is ideal for larger enterprises with IT organizations that have knowledge of virtual machines and are reluctant to have their data hosted in the cloud.
Additional Features
  • Magnetic stripe, bar code, and QR code
  • CSV/ASCII data file import
  • Multiple data sources
  • Mobile enrollment and issuance
  • Webcam support
  • Reporting
  • Batch printing
  • Number of credential designs
  • Quick Start Wizard
  • Composite field
  • No limitation on number of credential designs or number of workflows
Key Benefits
Service Availability
  • Mature platform with proven track record of 99.9% “uptime”
    • SLAs for Service Availability
    • Enterprises can rely on solution availability for all their issuance needs
  • Well defined disaster recovery and business continuity plans – leveraging Authentication Cloud solution
Robust Service Support Infrastructure
  • Technical support to partners included with subscription.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use online training documents and videos help reduce barriers to adoption
Hardware Requirements
  • None
  • Built in Amazon Web Services cloud, Instant ID as a Service solution is scalable to meet requirements of any enterprise
  • Accommodate issuance needs of organizations that scale up or scale down
  • Easy to calculate subscription cost
  • Solution not tied to the number of records in database or size of the business
Configurable to Changing Business Needs
  • Rich feature set & database support evolve with changing security policies
  • Support for issuance of physical & mobile credentials
    • Adapt to needs of remote work force and student population
Data Protection & Security
  • Entrust is an industry leader in protecting and securing data
  • Solution securely positioned in AWS cloud – in AWS datacenters in the US & in Europe – but are accessible worldwide.
  • End-to-end encryption on all data in motion and data at rest.
    • TLS 1.2 encryption for all traffic between enterprise printers and Entrust cloud
    • Data in Entrust cloud protected by AES-256 bit encryption
Third Party Security Audits
  • Extensive & through security audits – penetration and security tests -from third party companies every year.