SafeAccess Sabre Module

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SafeAccess Sabre Module Overview

The SABRE MODULE is a low-cost, 30-second upgrade to pre-existing access control readers, enabling current readers to scan touchless mobile credentials in addition to contact/contactless cards. A simple 3 step installation process transform doors, elevators, parking garages, and more for seamless access using Safetrust mobile credentials. With a simple plug-in installation that requires no re-wiring, the SABRE MODULE delivers enterprise-grade security with leading touchless mobile access technology and support for MIFARE DESFire EV2 and EV3 secure credentials. The SABRE MODULE also upgrades the host reader into a full IoT connected sensor, providing active scanning of BLE-enabled devices, with additional support for Thread and Zigbee.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, Secure and Affordable Migration
  • Go Touchless with the Safetrust Wallet
  • Secure Your Organization in 30 Seconds