Mastering Security: Integrating Solutions with Video Surveillance in Manufacturing and Corporate Industry

Video surveillance has always been the gold standard for security, particularly in the corporate and manufacturing sectors. It provides a reassuring sense of safety as cameras diligently monitor activities from various angles. However, in today’s world of evolving security challenges, the integration of complementary solutions is becoming increasingly vital.

Incorporating our logical access solution, for instance, enables the secure access of digital data, safeguarding corporate and manufacturing businesses against white-collar crime. Pairing this with comprehensive video surveillance that captures employee behavior and access control for time-stamping movements on-site, provides a comprehensive security solution.

Read on to explore how integrating modern solutions can enhance the robustness of your security system. We will also discuss critical features to consider when choosing such solutions. 

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Significant Threats Faced by Manufacturing and Corporate Industry

The biggest reason that bolsters threats and risks faced by these sectors is their tremendous size. An analysis found that the average manufacturing facility size has increased to 184,693 square feet. And this makes it even more daunting for business owners to keep their space secure.

Here are some threats these sectors are exposed to, which merely video surveillance cannot cannot control.

Industrial Espionage and Sabotage

Industrial espionage has become a pressing concern for many companies. It involves competitors or even dissatisfied employees attempting to steal trade secrets like proprietary manufacturing processes, and strategic information to gain a competitive edge or cause harm to the organization. Additionally, sabotage, whether in the form of tampering with machinery or interrupting processes, can halt production and lead to extensive financial losses.

Theft and Vandalism

According to statistics, 57% of fraud is committed by company insiders. Corporate and manufacturing facilities are often targets for both internal and external acts of theft. External criminals might be attracted to stealing valuable raw materials or finished products, while internal staff might misappropriate assets or office equipment. Beyond theft, vandalism is another concern. Deliberate acts to destroy property or disrupt operations can lead to significant repair costs and potential operational downtime.

Unauthorized Access

One of the principal security concerns is unauthorized access to restricted areas within a facility. Intruders, or even unauthorized personnel, gaining access to these areas can compromise sensitive information including details pertaining to the manufacturing output or critical machinery. The risk of such security breaches becomes even more pronounced without appropriate access controls or due to complacency in enforcing them.

Employee Misconduct

Internal threats are often overlooked, and employee misconduct can be as damaging as external threats. Employees might misuse company resources, mishandle sensitive data such as manufacturing processes, or even commit fraud. Such actions can lead to both immediate financial losses and long-term reputational damage.

Video surveillance can surely deter malicious actors, it becomes highly effective with proper security integration. That’s where access control systems can help, as they limit who can enter your premises and access restricted areas.

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Importance of Integrating Access Control with Your Video Surveillance System

Integrating access control with modern video surveillance software has become a critical strategy rather than just a passing trend. Countless industries have embraced this approach as they transition from outdated CCTV systems to advanced video surveillance solutions. These contemporary software solutions are easily accessible through PCs and mobile devices, facilitating seamless monitoring and management.

The integration of these dynamic video surveillance solutions with access control measures fosters a comprehensive security environment that is highly adaptable to the needs of the modern manufacturing and corporate sectors.

Let’s understand the importance of this integration:

Proactive Threat Management

While video surveillance can monitor and record activities, integration with access control allows immediate and automatic responses. If an unauthorized individual attempts to gain entry, the event gets captured on security cameras, and the access control system can immediately notify physical security, deny entry, or lock down certain areas, offering a proactive approach to potential threats.

Enhanced Accountability and Verification

Access control systems can identify individuals based on credentials or biometric data, while video surveillance provides visual confirmation. This dual verification ensures that if an access card is lost or stolen, there is an additional layer of visual identification. It is especially crucial in incidents where access logs show an authorized entry, but the video footage might reveal suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Efficient Incident Investigation

In case of any security breach or event, having integrated systems simplifies the investigation process. One can easily correlate the video footage with access logs, providing a clear timeline of events, identities of people involved, and their actions. This level of detail can be crucial for internal reviews, insurance claims, or legal proceedings.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Modern integrated systems often have cloud-based platforms or apps allowing remote monitoring and control. Facility managers or security teams can receive real-time notifications of access events, view live camera feeds, and even control entry points, all from a remote location.

Data-Driven Insights and Improvements

Integrated systems generate comprehensive data – from access logs to video analytics. This data can provide insights into foot traffic patterns, peak access times, and recurrent security vulnerabilities. These insights can be invaluable for improving facility layout, optimizing staffing, and enhancing overall security measures.

Streamlined Operations and Cost Savings

Operating two systems separately can be cumbersome and inefficient. Integrating them means both systems are working in tandem, data collected is utilized by both systems, users are cross trained and able to drive greater security using high level features of the products together as one process, and enhance monitoring effectiveness. Additionally, it reduces time spent manually combing through video feeds, as any access-related event includes a time stamp, making it easy to quickly identify and retrieve accompanied video feeds for security personnel.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Integrated Security Systems

The effectiveness of the access control depends primarily on the system you consider. Below are some factors you should consider when choosing an integrated security system for your manufacturing or corporate facility.

Integration Capabilities

The more seamless the integration is, the less modification your existing security systems would need. Go for access control systems that integrate easily with video surveillance and other digital security measures.

User Management Flexibility

Managing user credentials should be straightforward. Look for systems that allow easy addition, modification, and revocation of access privileges. It is especially vital for organizations with high staff turnover or multiple access tiers.

Audit Trails and Reporting

For compliance and investigative purposes, it’s essential to have a system that provides detailed logs of access events. This includes who accessed which areas and when, unauthorized access attempts, and system changes.


Technology is rapidly evolving. Choose a forward-compatible system, meaning it is designed to accommodate future technological advancements, be it in terms of software upgrades or hardware integrations.

Still, trying to figure out how to choose integrated security systems or how to integrate security solutions with video surveillance? Contact Elliott Data Systems today and let our knowledgeable security professionals help you select a centralized system. 

Improve Your Business’s Security with an Integrated System

Businesses in the U.S. lose up to 50 billion dollars every year due to internal thefts. When combined with other forms of threats and risks, these numbers are much higher. While most corporate/manufacturing facilities already have CCTV in place, integrating access control systems can amplify security.

Elliott Data Systems specializes in providing integrated solutions to the corporate and manufacturing industry. From the installing the printers that print secure employee ID badges, to the access control card readers and software using those ID badges and the video surveillance solution that visually captures activity onsite, we provide solutions your business needs to secure its premises from potential threats.

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