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How Event Tracking Will Change In 2022

With new requirements for better identification methods, the demand for advanced event tracking has grown dramatically over the past few years. Businesses and organizations have begun to realize the importance […]

New EPIC Track App Features Support New Opportunities for Event/Asset Check-In/Out Application

EPIC Track App users are tracking more events throughout their organizations, schools, universities, etc. than ever before! New features such as count thresholds with time frame limitations, event counts by […]

New Event Tracking App Features with EPIC Track 2.2.8!

Attention K-12 and higher education staff! Check out the latest EPIC Track software features that support new ways of tracking student activity on and off-campus. Contact Randy Lay for an […]

EPIC Track Accountability Software Becomes More Adaptable to Special Events and Routine Tracking Scenarios Thru Customization

The EPIC Track solution now provides a greater user experience and new features that have expanded its capabilities, added security, and offers greater control through customization, during event tracking. Read More […]

Provide Peace of Mind to Residential Customers by Verifying Worker IDs

Quickly provide comfort to customers in their home by verifying service worker identities as they arrive on-site, using Mobile ID Validation QR. Simply print a Validation QR on employee ID cards […]

All I Want For Christmas is Event Tracking!

Ugly Sweater Guy is scanned in by the Events Coordinator at their organization’s holiday party to provide a head count for everyone who received their holiday gift and obtain an […]

Jenks Public Schools Case Study

Each year as students transfer, enroll and sign up for classes at local schools and universities, the challenge of keeping an accurate record of each person can be a cumbersome […]