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Offering Students A Seamless Experience Using Campus ID Cards

Campuses are vibrant spaces filled with boundless youths and overflowing creative energy. But maintaining the positive vibes while providing adequate safety and convenience for the students is not an easy […]

How Student ID’s Can Be Used for Contact Tracing

As universities prepare for students and staff to return to campus, Syracuse University is looking for ways to improve and implement contact tracing. One idea is to utilize student ID […]

Upgrade Your Campus Card Solution Now!

As universities begin to prepare for students and staff to return to campus many new precautions and preparations are taking place. For example, Illinois State University is upgrading their student […]

K-12 Cybersecurity Incidents Are on the Rise!

As the world continues to become more technologically dependent, K-12 school settings are also increasing their use of technology. As with any organization, this puts them at a greater risk […]

The School Violence Prevention Program Grant Deadline is Approaching!

Reminder that The School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) grant solicitation deadline is approaching – April 8, 2020. This grant may be used to fund school security solutions such as video surveillance, […]

Choosing the Right Visitor Manager Solution for Your K-12 Institution

School safety is more important than ever. As the push for securing campuses and increasing school security systems continues to grow, it is important to choose the right visitor management […]

Gain a Clear Understanding of Missouri Schools’ Security Situational Awareness & Analysis

Gain a clear understanding of Missouri Schools’ Security Situational Awareness & Analysis at Elliott’s upcoming Security Technology Summit, April 3, 2019. The MSBS Center for Educational Safety and the Missouri […]

Elliott Data Participates in the TIPS Program

Elliott supports local public schools and other government entities by participating in The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), as a member of the Identification Systems Group (ISG). The ISG has been […]