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How To Make Your Business More Security Conscious

Data security is a growing concern for many businesses, and with good reason. The recent high-profile data breaches have demonstrated that no company or individual is immune from cyberattacks. With […]

Offering Students A Seamless Experience Using Campus ID Cards

Campuses are vibrant spaces filled with boundless youths and overflowing creative energy. But maintaining the positive vibes while providing adequate safety and convenience for the students is not an easy […]

How Mobile Credentials Are Taking IDs To A Whole New Level

Access control and access management are vital aspects of running any organization. For the last 70 years or so, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions have all relied on ID […]

How Event Tracking Will Change In 2022

With new requirements for better identification methods, the demand for advanced event tracking has grown dramatically over the past few years. Businesses and organizations have begun to realize the importance […]

IdentityGuard Mobile by Entrust is Available!

Did you know that Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile with “push notification” makes secure access VPN and Web applications easier than ever – for both users and IT support? Users simply access […]

Do You Know the Advantages of Mobile Credentials?

Did you know that the advantages of a mobile ID management includes the elimination of plastic card management, and the cost savings with a BYOD (bring your own device) infrastructure. […]

Is it Time to Make the Switch to Mobile Credentials?

In an article by Robert Lydic, from Allegion (an Elliott Data partner company), he explores the shift of moving to a mobile credential system. Campuses and institutions are beginning to migrate to […]

Understanding & Planning a Migration to Mobile Campus Credentials

Mobile credentials are quickly replacing plastic ID cards, tokens and passwords for building & network access on campuses across the country. In a world driven by mobile technology, students are […]