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Enhancing Local Government Security: The Power of Integrated Security Solutions

In 2018, the U.S. government agencies lost around 13.7 billion dollars to cyber security crimes. The cost of these attacks has become so high that many local organizations have started […]

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Identification and Security Solutions Experts: Why Integration Is a Crucial Component in Any New Product Investment

As cyber threats and security breaches become more sophisticated, businesses are increasingly vulnerable to attacks on their facilities and information systems. Investing in new solutions like identification software, access control, […]

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The Enhancements You Gain From Incorporating a Surveillance Video Solution Into Your Security Program

Security solutions for businesses and other premises have changed drastically over the last few years. Video security solutions are more intelligent and more effective than ever. Nowadays, ensuring your business […]

Visitor Management Solutions: Moving Beyond Manual Processes In A Digital World

Security is always a concern whenever a building or facility is easily accessible to the general public. In particular, businesses that receive many visitors each day require a system for […]

The Latest Security Features Offered in Financial EMV Card Printers

As card readers become more ubiquitous in stores, retailers are looking for new ways to protect themselves from fraud. Banks and financial institutions are also introducing new technology to combat […]

How To Make Your Business More Security Conscious

Data security is a growing concern for many businesses, and with good reason. The recent high-profile data breaches have demonstrated that no company or individual is immune from cyberattacks. With […]

How Mobile Credentials Are Taking IDs To A Whole New Level

Access control and access management are vital aspects of running any organization. For the last 70 years or so, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions have all relied on ID […]

10 Facts About Commercial Access Control Systems

A commercial access control system is the most widely used security system for businesses and organizations. These systems support diverse functions, including access control, surveillance, intrusion detection, data logging, and […]