Security Technology can Diffuse Organization’s Domestic Violence Threat

Security Technology can Diffuse Organization’s
Domestic Violence Threat

Elliott Data Systems recently hosted a “Security Technology Summit” event consisting of industry speakers sharing knowledge on various security issues confronting organizations such as schools, government offices, churches, and corporations.

One of our key speakers, Travis Blankenship of Threat Assessment Consultants,
presented an interesting discussion on violence in the workplace and schools.

At the end of the presentation, during the Q&A period, Travis was asked…

“What do you consider the most prominent threat to
schools and corporations?”

His answer was domestic violence.

At first, your reaction may be, how can technology help prevent domestic violence
from spilling into the workplace? Actually, security technology in conjunction with
solid planning can be effective in preventing or diminishing this type of threat.

Technology Solutions that Diffuse Domestic Violence Threats

Access Control
Creating a controlled perimeter, and the ability
to initiate a building lock down can both prevent violence from entering a facility and help to minimize damage if a situation does occur.

Visitor Management
If a hostile domestic situation has been identified, the potential threat can be entered into a barred list in the visitor management system, or flagged with special instructions. This can provide a discreet way for someone working at an entry point to identify and report this issue before the threat is in the facility.

Facial/License Recognition
Newer facial recognition technologies can be used to identify a possible threat and automatically alert the proper personnel before the threat is in the facility. This can be accomplished through license plate recognition or facial recognition from photos obtained through social media or cell phones.

While organizations of all types can face many and varied threats at any time, planning, practice, and technology together can go a long way in creating a safer and more secure school and work environment.

Elliott can provide more information on these security technology solutions, provide pricing and work with you to implement new security technology to better protect your organization. Contact Elliott