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Financial Instant Issuance: CR825 Card Printer

Issue Bold, Innovative and Secure #EMVcards to your customers on-site instantly, using the Entrust Datacard CR825 Card Printer. Elliott’s team of professionals are ready to assist you with designing your system, installation, user […]

Financial Card Security: Dynamic Verification

CNP fraud is on the rise globally-it currently represents about 45% of total United States card fraud. Protect your customers by issuing a dynamic verification code to reduce CNP fraud. CNP […]

Financial Instant Issuance Systems

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A Financial Instant Issuance & EMV Solution Success Story

A well-established Missouri bank known for their reputation as a leading edge financial institution, wanted to decrease turnaround time for new, lost or compromised debit cards issued and increase card […]

How Important are EMV Chip Cards?

HOW IMPORTANT ARE EMV CHIP CARDS? EMV is the global standard for processing secure card transactions. They are used in over 80 countries. EMV chip cards provide greater security than […]