10 Facts About Commercial Access Control Systems

A commercial access control system is the most widely used security system for businesses and organizations. These systems support diverse functions, including access control, surveillance, intrusion detection, data logging, and more.

The robust security layer is helpful for various facilities, from banks and retail stores to hospitals, airports, and government buildings.

These access control systems are designed to work with different credentials, including ID cards, remote entry, passcodes, and more. They can be tailored to fit your business or facility, depending on your security needs.

If you are looking for an effective security solution for your business or organization, you need to consider installing a commercial access control system.

Here are some facts about commercial access control systems that will help you decide if this technology is right for you.

Seamless Staff Management

Keeping track of employees is one of the biggest challenges in any organization. The need for entry authentication becomes even more important if the employee works on a shift or part-time basis.

You can easily manage all these details with access control systems by assigning each user their unique identification number or ID badge. You can also assign permissions based on time and location. This allows you to grant certain users access only during specific hours or at certain locations.

The feature is beneficial when you have staff members who work part-time or off-hours. It helps to keep track of their shifts and other activities while still maintaining the level of security required for your facility.

Lower Cyberattack Risk

IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence Index revealed that insiders cause 13% of all cyberattacks. Over half of those involved malicious insiders intentionally causing damage or stealing information, while the rest happened due to negligence.

If you restrict access to certain areas in your building where sensitive data is kept, you can reduce the chances of your information being leaked.

Almost every office has some areas that all staff should not access quickly. This can include departments like finance, IT, and R&D.

You can use physical access control systems to easily limit access to such areas. This way, you can ensure that only authorized personnel enter those rooms. You can also confirm exactly who had access in the case there is a leak or other problem.

By limiting these areas, data can be kept safe and the security of all employees can be increased.

Protected Company Assets

Having an access control system in place ensures the safety of your company’s assets.

This includes computers, servers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and other devices. In addition, it protects valuable products, documents, files, and records.

When these items are lost or stolen, they could put your entire operation at risk. With commercial access control systems in place, you can ensure that only authorized personnel have access to them and prevent theft.

We offer security systems that can be installed at multiple entry points into your building, including parking gates, locked entrances, and other barriers to help make your building more secure.

Reduced Risk of Fraud

Fraudsters often try to access restricted areas by posing as legitimate users.

Access control systems can stop this type of fraud before it begins. For example, if a visitor tries to open a door, but fails to correctly identify themselves, the door won’t unlock.

Access control systems can also detect attempts at fraud, like someone using an old ID badge or the wrong passcode to try to gain entry. When this happens, the system can alert relevant parties to take action immediately.

Increased Visibility

Access control systems give you visibility into what’s happening inside your facility.

They allow you to see precisely which doors are being used, how many people are using them, and how long they’re staying.

This gives you a better idea of whether or not your business is operating efficiently. It can also help you identify potential problems before they become serious issues.

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Regulated Energy Consumption

By integrating access control and intruder sensors, the system can accurately paint a picture of a facility’s usage.

When businesses are constantly trying to cut their energy consumption and therefore their overhead, it’s wise to turn off air conditioning and lighting when not in use. It is handy for businesses that operate on a shift basis as parts of the facility must be idle at certain times to minimize waste.

An access control system can help you determine when areas of your facility are not in use so that you can automate any electronics, heating systems, or lighting to turn off at certain times.

Improved Compliance

Using an access control system gives you the ability to track the movement and activity of employees for compliance purposes.

In the event of an incident, access control can provide auditing and investigation support, identifying individuals and pinpointing the exact locations of employees. It can also be used as evidence in court cases.

Augmented Reaction Time

Access control systems allow you to monitor activity in real-time. If someone breaks into your facility, you can immediately see what they do and how long they stay there.

This gives you enough time to take action before anyone gets hurt. You can also remotely lock them in an area until the authorities arrive.

Sweetened Customer Service

When customers come to your facility, they expect to be greeted by friendly staff. But many times, people working in customer service positions are overworked and too busy to give them proper attention.

When you install an access control system, you can monitor the number of customers in the store and staff accordingly.

In addition, you can improve the overall experience for your customers by making sure that they are always appropriately welcomed.

A well-designed control system can provide all of these benefits without costing you much money.

Higher Employee Safety

An access control system can improve the safety of your employees.

When working in hazardous environments or with hazardous materials, it’s essential to know who enters and leaves the area. If there are no guards present, people may enter without permission, putting themselves at risk.

With this system, employees’ movements can be identified and monitored. You can be notified if someone enters unauthorized areas and make sure they are prevented from accessing dangerous equipment.

An access control system is obviously also a great way to keep potentially malicious actors out of the building. It allows only authorized people to enter and you can instantly revoke someone’s credentials if they are suspicious or angry. This helps keep all of your personnel safe from harm.

Enhanced Team Spirit

The use of an access control system makes employees feel safer and more secure and boosts their morale.

According to CV-Library research, job satisfaction is influenced by the sense of safety employees feel at work. In a survey of 1,200 professionals, more than half reported that they felt physically secure at work.

By integrating an access control system, you can ensure your employees’ safety, keep them productive, and hopefully avoid turnover.

Why Do You Need A Commercial Access Control System?

Commercial access control systems are the backbone of any business security. Every organization has its unique requirements, from small offices to large corporations.

But regardless of size, these systems play a vital role in protecting your personnel and assets.

The need for security is constantly evolving. To keep up with this trend, you must upgrade your existing system or invest in new technology. Here are some statistics about why you should consider investing in a commercial door entry systems:

Increasing Security Demands:

The market for commercial access control is expected to grow at a rate of about 7.38% per year through 2026.

A significant contributor to market growth is the growing demand for safety and security in various commercial and residential segments worldwide.

Cloud computing, IoT, and the prevalence of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, have made information and services more accessible in recent years.

Further, cyberattacks and data breaches have boosted the popularity of advanced access control solutions.

Prioritizing Physical Security

In a survey published in Morphean, nearly 50 % of IT managers are currently using cloud-based video surveillance or access control solutions.

Video surveillance in the cloud will solve the cybersecurity problems associated with physical security systems.

Access control in the cloud allows users to monitor their premises remotely, even while away from home. This eliminates the need for expensive hardware and reduces maintenance costs.

Such developments are driving the demand for access control in the commercial space.

Mobile Access Control

COVID-19 has increased the need for mobile access control. More than 54% of businesses have upgraded or will upgrade their access control systems to include mobile credentials.

This is because most companies want to keep their workforce safe during this time.

Mobile-based credentials have become popular among organizations due to their convenience. Plus, it doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.

Commercial access control systems are designed to provide 24/7 monitoring and recording of activity. With much business going online, these systems are becoming increasingly important.

On top of eliminating the cost of cutting keys for staff, adding an access control system in your business could wind up cutting other costs in the long run.

At Elliott Data Systems, we offer comprehensive access control systems to protect from theft and to facilitate employee monitoring and physical security.

Elliott Data Systems also provides a full range of products and services to help companies protect against fraud, reduce operating expenses, and increase productivity.

Why Choose Elliott Data Systems?

Regardless of what type of business you have, you need to make sure it’s protected, and having a sound security system is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Installing an access control system lets you watch who is allowed in and out of the building with minimal hassle.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Elliott Data Systems is a full-scale digital & physical security solutions provider.

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