Choosing the Correct Security Camera for Your Campus

In an article by Aaron Saks featured in Campus Safety Magazine, he discusses 5 key points to consider when choosing a video surveillance system for a campus environment. The five factors include low-light performance, in-camera video analytics, sound classification, hallway views, and privacy masking.

1. High Quality Performance: There are 3 factors to consider to get optimal camera processing. The lens, the sensor and the image processing technology. Using an IR corrected lens, paired with a high-sensitivity sensor usually allows for the best day/night focus in low-light environments. Additionally, choosing a camera with a sensor that has a high signal-to-noise ratio will be helpful in low light situations.

2. Built In Analytics: Built-in camera analytics (on the edge) enable staff to receive real-time alerts and mark events should an investigation be necessary. Using a video management system (VMS) allows security and approved staff to receive real-time notifications on their phone without having to physically monitor the system around-the-clock.

3. Sound Alerts: Choosing a system that performs audio analytics embedded in the camera allows for notifications to be sent immediately, and provides a second layer of verification that an incident is occurring.

4. Specialized Fields of View: When choosing a camera, think about the hallways and corridors at your campus, and what configuration needs to be seen on the camera. Some cameras allow for vertical capture instead of horizontal.

5. Privacy Masking: Due to campus laws and regulations, it is important to choose a camera that will mask out certain areas such as bathrooms or other sensitive areas, to maintain privacy.

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