Don’t Get Blindsided by Advancing Technology


With Windows 10 operating systems in place, regular version upgrades being implemented, and printer end of life announcements the compatibility and life of your identification system may be threatened by bugs and incompatible software. The ever changing software world will eventually leave your ID card printing system behind forcing you to possibly abandon your software and potentially your hardware as well. By updating your ID Printing System at the right time, you’ll gain benefits available from the latest version of Windows operating system and ensure little to no down time.

Elliott’s Professional Support Team offers complimentary ID system evaluations over the phone or via email to the public. Any organization using an ID printing system (no matter what brand, how old or who it was purchased from) is encouraged to contact Elliott for a complementary system analysis. You’ll discover just how healthy your ID system is and can better gauge how long you should expect it to last based on today’s standards. This allows you to better prepare and practice long-term budgeting to fund future systems or help make decisions by redirecting funds to other projects knowing your ID card printing system is current. Contact Elliott at 1-888-345-8511 or