How Event Tracking Will Change In 2022

With new requirements for better identification methods, the demand for advanced event tracking has grown dramatically over the past few years. Businesses and organizations have begun to realize the importance of having accurate records of events within or outside their facilities.

Identifying activities is essential to improving efficiency and safety. Knowing where people or assets are at all times allows event managers to plan accordingly. Not only does this help boost productivity, but it also helps enhance security.

With event management becoming increasingly significant and complicated, organizers need to identify the location of individuals and assets at any given moment.

Event tracking is a powerful tool that helps event organizers strengthen their event experiences. By using event tracking software, event managers can get real-time insights into their attendees’ behaviors, preferences, and feedback. This information can then be used to create better event experiences for attendees.

Event attendance tracking solutions are not just for events either; these solutions work well at large companies, schools, government facilities, restaurants, and more. They can be useful for keeping track of individuals and assets in any sort of crowd.

Now let us look at how event tracking will change in 2022.


Digital Adoption

In 2022 there will be a continuing shift away from paper-based systems and towards digital solutions. While we still see some paper-based solutions, they are much rarer as new technologies emerge.

Most importantly, the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis forced everyone to reevaluate their processes. As a result, most large corporations and organizations have now adopted new contactless identification systems and processes.

These new forms of contactless identification include NFC and RFID tags and are being rolled out across industries. New technologies provide a secure way to verify identities without requiring physical interaction between users and devices. As this happens, the need for physical ID cards will lessen.

Smartphones and tablets will become even more competent, while wearable devices like smartwatches will grow more and more popular. With these advancements, smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices will become the primary means of identity access.

The rise of mobile technology will improve user experience and reduce costs associated with managing traditional ID cards. Smartphone and tablet applications will eliminate the need for printing, scanning, and storing documents.

Users will no longer need to carry bulky ID badges or other equipment. Instead, they will download a smartphone app and enter their credentials.

As a result, organizations will rely less on physical IDs and more on mobile apps.

Real-Time Data Is Critical

By 2022, event tracking will become more sophisticated than ever before. Real-time data collection and reporting will be critical during events.

Organizations will have real-time data about exactly what’s happening during events. They’ll be able to know how many people are attending, who is attending, when people arrive and leave, and what they’re doing at the event. This can help with crowd control and safety measures. It will also come in handy if there is an incident and the organizers need to figure out who was involved.

The real-time tracking data will enable organizations to make informed decisions about future events as well. For example, if attendance numbers drop significantly, they could decide to cancel or postpone the next event. If attendance numbers increase unexpectedly, they may choose to hold another event sooner rather than later. They also know if they need to increase staff or security measures for the next event.

With event attendance tracking, event managers can collect session attendance and report on real-time data to the organizers or the press.

At the same time, they can easily track attendance and make better decisions about upcoming events.

Automated Access Management

Managing access to an event is a complex task. It requires multiple steps that must be completed manually and with attention to detail.

For instance, you might need to print tickets, check attendees’ names against invitation lists, check their IDs and vaccination cards, scan their badges, and record their attendance. All of this usually happens manually.

An effective event management solution in place can automate many of these tasks. By using it, organizers can make sure everyone has a great experience at the event and that things run smoothly.

A good event management system will allow organizers to create custom rules for specific attendees. For example, they may want to automatically check in attendees based on their job roles. Or maybe they want to block attendees from check in based on certain rules.

These types of rules will help ensure that attendees have a positive experience. And because they’re automated, they won’t take up much time.

Right of Entry & Contact Tracing

A report published on shows that in-person learning has increased cases of COVID-19 by an average of 5 percentage points among K-12 institutions.

It has become apparent that restricting ill students on campus is essential to prevent spreading the sickness further. It is also apparent that schools must track student health status without significant manual effort.

Schools rely on attendance sheet records to keep track of students information. These records are prone to error and do not provide real-time updates. By integrating temperature readings with event tracking software, schools will be able to prevent students with high body temperatures from attending school. They can will be able to discover if students with high temperatures are from the same class or had any contact in the previous days.

The integration gives a complete picture of each student’s health status and activity. It allows schools to track the movement of students throughout the day. With this information, schools can then make informed decisions about isolating or sending other students home.

The right of entry and contact tracing can also be used in any organization to restrict employees whose body temperatures are high. This would enable organizations to protect themselves from potential disease exposure and track employee movement with identity access management solutions.

Seamless Asset Tracking

It is essential for schools and colleges or any organization to track and manage assets in one place. Having data on which asset is issued to whom helps control the flow of resources.

As schools and colleges use event tracking systems, they can integrate asset issuance. This will help them reduce errors and improve efficiency.

An asset can be anything from books to laptops to air conditioner units. The integration will also help them manage inventory more effectively.

Even an organization can integrate the asset with employee identity. This will help them know who owns what. If there is a problem with an asset, they can quickly determine who is responsible.

Cloud Management

With cloud computing, organizations can collect and store all their data in the cloud. Organizations can connect their events to the cloud using an event tracking application. This way, they can access their data anywhere.

They can even share their data with other users. Everyone can still access the same data no matter where people are.

Managing data in the cloud allows administrators to work in different locations while collecting data in real-time. This is extremely helpful as more and more business operations and events are taking place remotely.

Organizers Plan Events Better

Many event planners traditionally use sign-in sheets or spreadsheets to plan events. But they aren’t ideal for large-scale planning events.

They’re inefficient and hard to update. They often contain errors and inconsistencies. And they lack necessary functionality like automatic reminders, notifications, and the data needed to analyze results.

Better event management solutions provide all of this functionality. They’re easy to use and update as needed. And they can scale to accommodate any event.

Event tracking applications give organizers the ability to create custom dashboards. These dashboards can provide reports on students/employees’ attendance, assets, location, and accountability.

Track Events With EPIC Track

An optimal system for tracking events integrates with both internal and external systems. It should have the ability to collect data from multiple sources and generate reports on all the activities.

With Elliott Data Systems’ EPIC track solution, you can track people, places, and things with ease. By analyzing and reporting on the data collected, this improved ID program offers more significant and detailed results. Due to its ability to customize tracking events, any organization could use this solution.

EPIC Track makes tracking events straightforward. With its intuitive software and ID or badge scanning, implementation within any organization is smooth and requires minimal training. From taking attendance to tracking specific areas, it’s all made possible with EPIC Track.

EPIC Track has the perfect design for almost any tracking scenario, making it a value-added product with low cost.

Features of EPIC Track

Monitor Status

Easily keep track of events from anywhere.

Monitoring Events

Develop custom tracking events rapidly and easily without programming knowledge.

Organize users

Provide users with access to the features they need without exposing them to others they don’t need.

List Management

Track people, places, and things through making lists or connecting to existing databases.

Generate reports

Create online reports that are dynamically generated based on custom tracking events.

Account Configuration

Approved administrators can manage data visualization settings and controls.

You can effortlessly integrate EPIC Track with mobile device such as smartphones, handheld devices, tablet computers, and desktop computers running on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems.

The EPIC Track software does not require users to be programmers. The software is easy enough to use for anyone with some basic computer skills, who will be able to navigate through the interface, create reports, and be up and running in no time.

EPIC Track server is simple to operate and flexible. A cloud-based solution does not require any installation or configuration of servers. The lists used by EPIC Track can be built from ID Systems, CSV files, or any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) sources. Automated data collection provides a robust platform for tracking almost anything.

Elliott Data Systems’ EPIC Track can be used in many applications including education, corporate, healthcare, government, etc.

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